Complementary services to
my web accessibility solutions
Accessibility on the web goes beyond just websites and
automation. AccessiBe provides a full suite of accessibility
service as well, so you never have to worry about your
digital assets again!

Looking to make your website accessible?

AccessiBe’s AI-Powered solution is the perfect complement for making websites more user friendly. Learn more on our product page!

BeMedia is an easy to use and affordable service for making your media accessible. Whether you’re using video or audio on your website, YouTube, etc., BeMedia will make it easier than ever before!

Closed captions are a text version of what is said vocally and can be used by people with hearing impairments to follow the content.

A transcript is a written version of an audio or video that makes it easier for people who may have trouble following the live content.

Audio descriptions are a way for blind users to follow videos with graphics that replace voice.

BeFiles is your trusted solution! Get ready to upload, organize and share files seamlessly with BeFiles. Whether you want a fast fix for all of those download errors or need an organized way to store sensitive documents internally – BeFile has the answers.

Presentations are not just a great way to deliver information, but also the opportunity for blind users to get that same valuable data.

A transcript is a written version of an audio or video that makes it easier for people who may have trouble following the live content.

Spreadsheets are often full of important information. As such, it is crucial that we make them understandable to everybody!

We’re a company who’s always looking for ways to better serve our customers. We have the expertise and dedication it takes to get you where you need to be!

Did your website go through a web accessibility remediation project or are you planning to do so? Let’s audit it!


Installing and using accessiBe is a great way to keep your site running smoothly. Let’s find out if you’ve installed it properly!


When your organization requires 508 conformance, a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) is needed. We are here to assist you.

Want to make sure your website is really as accessible for people with disabilities? Our testers would gladly help!

Want to go beyond AI- powered image descriptions and give better experience for your blind users? We’re here to assist!

You’re not sure what to do next, but you know that the answer is somewhere out there. We can help! Our team of experts will undoubtedly be able to consult with and advise on your specific situation so that together we might find a solution for your dilemma or issue.

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