Local Web Design For Small Business

Become A Distinct Business Partner

Distinct is seeking partners for promoting our services and helping small businesses thrive. We are looking for companies that will contribute to the growth of our business and increase exposure for Distinct's services.

Partners are ideally, but not limited to:

  • A B2B business with an established client base
  • Have a physical location
  • Not provide web design or marketing services
  • Ideal partners include: Photographers and Print Shops

Partners will receive:

  • A 5% commission of each referral along with a 5% ongoing commission throughout the lifetime of the referred party (as long as partnership remains).
  • Free access to Distinct's social media management platform and Distinct will publish content on their behalf including industry-specific articles and limited promotion of Distinct.
  • 30% off Distinct services provided to the partner.

Partners will be asked to:

  • Promote Distinct's services to existing customers.
  • Allow Distinct to register a Google My Business location at their address.
  • Regularly post on social media about Distinct.

Partners will never be asked to go beyond the referral of customers.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please fill out the form below to have our team review your application. We will contact eligible partners within 72 hours to discuss the details of the partnership. Partnerships are granted on an invitation basis only.