What is a Marketing Advisor?

Distinct has created a marketing advisor role that needs to be filled ASAP!

This position was created to help us find new clients by building relationships with our local communities. Once a marketing advisor brings a client into the fold, they will work within our company’s systems to onboard that client, manage their business needs, manage their projects, and hand off all web design, marketing, and additional services to our HQ team.

Essentially, a marketing advisor (or MA) will be responsible for bringing in clientele and keeping them happy with management services. We’re looking for a pro when it comes to professional relationships, someone who knows how to keep clients happy and assists them with perfecting their marketing strategies.

You don’t need to be an expert web designer or marketing specialist, though. We want an advisor that can help onboard our clients, while we do all of the hard work.

Does the following sound like you?

  • I enjoy scouting for new clients.
  • I am passionate about helping my clients through the often overwhelming process of using a new platform or starting a new business.
  • I’m a go-getter and a people person.
  • I know how to make people feel comfortable, respected, listened to, and helped.
  • I’m passionate about advising and have several years of experience providing advisory services to entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • I’ve recently graduated or decided to switch careers, and want to start out in a well-compensated contractor role in advisement.
  • I love setting goals and getting bonuses from my hard work.
  • I’m looking for a part-time position with the opportunity to grow later on.
  • I can handle a decent number of clients at one time.

If so, you might just be a perfect fit for a marketing advisor role at Distinct!


Marketing Advisor Requirements and Compensation

At Distinct, our top market advisor will enjoy excellent compensation and challenging (but fulfilling) requirements:

  • The marketing advisor (MA) will own their own book of business that is serviced by Distinct.
  • The marketing advisor will be compensated with 100% of the new launchpad website fee and 15% of their recurring services. They will also receive additional bonuses for subscribing a client to Hubspot or using Heartland Payment Processing.
  • The marketing advisor becomes a part of our team, wholeheartedly. They will receive a Facebook, Linkedin, Google My Businesses, and landing page on our website all titled with “Distinct Marketing Advisor.”
  • The MA is encouraged to create and promote content on the Distinct blog. Just as well, all of the leads from that content will be owned by the MA alone.
  • Distinct will continue to promote the company and distribute leads to all hired marketing advisors evenly.
  • The MA will build relationships, maintain relationships, and capture correct information in our system for our home office to handle.
  • Distinct will handle all billing, collections, and all other back-office operations for the marketing advisor.
  • Distinct will provide phone, email, training, continued training, Hubspot CRM, Google Workspace, Design team, and more for the marketing advisor.
  • The MA can set their own schedule, workload, and process as they like. • The MA would be considered an independent contractor.
  • Distinct will compensate the MA for any clients they bring with them.

If you’re already doing digital marketing, Distinct will also help you transition your client base and lessen your workload. We’ll also handle billing, collections, support, and all other issues.

Your focus should be on the client and their happiness. Get paid while our team does the hard work!

Marketing Advisor Responsibilities

As a marketing advisor for Distinct, you will have a few core responsibilities to adhere to.

  • Attract and retain clients for Distinct.
  • Guide clients through the intake process and make it as easy as possible for them.
  • Maintain relationships with your clients.
  • Provide advising to clients in regards to marketing strategy and process.
  • Host fun and informative webinars, workshops, presentations, podcasts, or other events to grow your brand and meet new clients.
  • Offer Distinct services to clients, including web design, website support, graphic design, Google Workspace, social media management, Hubspot CRM, Paid Ads, Local SEO, and more. 

We’re looking for a customer relationship extraordinaire– does that sound like you?

Join Our Team Today!

At Distinct, we’re so excited to welcome a marketing advisor to our team. Even if you already manage a handful of clients, we’re dedicated to compensating you for those clients, continuing to provide ongoing income for those clients, and taking the work off of your plate. Does Marketing Advisor sound like the position for you? Get in touch with us today to start the application process. We can’t wait to work together!

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