Are you passionate about photography, videography, and the arts? Launching a freelance artist career can be a difficult task, and supplementing one’s income is one way to split focus on your dreams and your day job.

Photographers and Videographers Can Benefit From Working as a Distinct Marketing Advisor.

Distinct Full Time
Marketing Advisor

As a marketing advisor for Distinct, you get to set your own schedule. While you work to launch your photography career, you’ll also be able to supplement your income and improve your client relationship skills to really thrive.

We’re flexible. In fact, we believe a flexible schedule is the most important element of maintaining a work-life balance. As a marketing advisor, you’ll set your own hours and workflow.

What is a Marketing Advisor?

We want pros who know the value of keeping clients happy, from both an independent artist’s perspective and the perspective of a marketing advisor.

A marketing advisor (also known as an MA) is a professional who will bring in clients and serve as their consistent point of customer service, marketing services, and technical assistance. A marketing advisor is the first point service for Distinct’s clientele and will continue to be there for the client throughout their journey with Distinct.

We formed the marketing advisor position to assist the team at Distinct with discovering and onboarding new clients by building relationships with our local communities. Once a marketing advisor onboards a new client, they will continue to work within Distinct’s systems to provide ongoing support, manage their company needs, manage their projects, and ensure that specialized requests of the client, like web design and development, are given to our HQ team as quickly as possible.

We’re definitely not looking for a trained web designer or top-tier marketing specialist for our marketing advisor role. Rather, we’re looking for someone who understands how customer services works, and we believe freelance photographers and videographers understand the client-professional relationship very well.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • I love working with clients.
  • I enjoy searching for new clients.
  • I am passionate about supporting my local community’s businesses.
  • As an artist, I understand how overwhelming a new B2B platform can be, and I love helping business owners launch their careers on new platforms.
  • I’m self-trained, self-starting, and a real go-getter.
  • I enjoy helping others.
  • I’m passionate about freelancing and having control over my income.
  • I’ve had a few years of experience providing advisory services to entrepreneurs.
  • I set goals and strive to meet them.
  • I’d like to have a side gig that can support me while I pursue my photography or videography career.
  • I can handle a quite a few new clients at single time.

Sound like you? You could be our next marketing advisor superstar.

Your Dreams Matter

Distinct is proud to support our freelancers and contract workers who are pursuing alternative careers.

While you’re with us as a marketing advisor, we want to help you improve your customer service skills. These skills are so valuable when it comes to freelance photography and videography. Even if we can’t keep you forever, we want to make your time at Distinct count while you pursue your dreams.

Supplement Your Burgeoning Photography Career with Distinct

Launching a photography or videography career can be very difficult, especially if you’re taking on the challenge as a lone freelancer. It absolutely isn’t impossible– however, it can be difficult to balance the launch of a business with your day job. At times, income can be a little tight. At Distinct, we believe in lifting our employees and contractors up and providing as flexible of a schedule as possible. When you’re working for us, you’re working on your own time. That means you can dedicate more of your time to launching your art career while making enough income to support yourself. We believe in you!

Marketing Advisor Responsibilities

As a marketing advisor, there are a few responsibilities that you will need to adhere to. These include the following:

  • Discover, attract, onboard, and retain clients for Distinct.
  • Help your clients get situated and comfortable with the platform and work consistently to make sure the onboarding process is as easy for them as possible. Remember, we want customer service pros– not marketing specialists.
  • Maintain your relationships with your clients and strive to keep them positive and satisfactory.
  • Provide advisory services to your clients in the context of their marketing strategies and processes. (We’ll train you on the tough stuff, don’t worry! We’ve got your back.)
  • Offer services from Distinct to your clients and upsell when possible, without overwhelming your clients.
  • Be a master of customer satisfaction and relationships.

Marketing Advisor Competitive Compensation

All of our marketing advisors receive very competitive compensation for their work. You’ll get all of the leads that Distinct is able to find and distribute, so searching for clients won’t be too much of a hassle.

Our marketing advisors have more control over their work than similar contract professionals. As a marketing advisor, you will have your own book of business. Our team will simply service it.

As part of the Distinct team, you’ll also receive your own social media profiles, landing pages, and Google My Business profiles. And as an MA, you’ll be able to set your own schedule and workload, so you can split your focus between your day job as a marketing advisor and your passion as a photographer.

Ready to supplement your income and reach your professional goals as an artist and marketing powerhouse? Apply to be a Distinct marketing advisor today!


Distinct Full time
Marketing Advisor