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Become a marketing Advisor (stay at home parent) 

Become a marketing Advisor (stay at
home parent)


Are you passionate about marketing and business advisory? Do you want to launch your career 
or quit freelancing? Many single parents and stay at home parents do their best to find a career 
that is flexible and won’t take away time from their families. At Distinct, our Marketing Advisor 
position is the perfect role for a stay at home parent— and the compensation is definitely worth 
your while. 
Stay at home parents can benefit from working as a Distinct marketing advisor. 

As a marketing advisor for Distinct, you’ll be able to set your own schedule and work around your responsibilities as a stay at home parent. While you focus on raising your children, you can also work to supplement your income and drastically improve your client relationship skills. At Distinct, we want to help you thrive!

 We’re a flexible bunch at Distinct. We believe that a flexible schedule is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a good balance between work and life. Our marketing advisors are able to set their own hours, as well as their own workflow.


Are You a Stay at Home Parent? Become a Marketing Advisor!

It shouldn’t be a struggle to balance one’s career and family life. Distinct can change that.


 Distinct is currently looking for marketing advisors to fill a number of positions! There are so many benefits to taking on a marketing advisory position, but it can really make a difference in the lives of stay at home parents.

 Being a stay at home parent is no walk in the park. It’s difficult enough raising children, but it’s another task to balance a fulfilling career to pay the bills while you raise your children. Times are tough and supplemental income is welcomed for many families. Many stay at home parents also wish to jumpstart a new, exciting career while they raise their families. Currently, there are more than 11 million people in the U.S. alone who identify as stay at home parents.

 Just as well, there are many stay at home parents out there whose children are out of the house and on their own, so they’d like to enter the workforce in some capacity and launch a new career. It’s tough to accept, but taking time off to build a family and going back into the workforce can be incredibly difficult.

 If either scenario rings a bell, Distinct can help. Our marketing advisor position could be exactly what you need to jumpstart your career without having to sacrifice time with your family!


Should I Be Working as a Stay at Home Parent?

 We believe that stay at home parents should be able to work while caring for their children. We also understand that this isn’t always such a simple task. Raising children will always be a full-time job. However, every stay at home parent has the right to a fulfilling career, even if it has to take a backseat to their role as a stay at home parent. A marketing advisor position at Distinct could be exactly what many stay at home parents are looking for.

 Not only is a marketing advisor position extremely flexible, but it is also done entirely from home. There’s no need to go to an office every day– at Distinct, you’ll be able to stay home with your family easily.


The Benefits of Working as a Marketing Advisor While Staying Home with the Kids 

There are a ton of benefits to working a business advisory position while also rearing children. A few benefits include: 

     You can set your own schedule. We don’t enforce strict working hours or a schedule of any kind. We can trust our marketing advisors to put in the work without having to suffer under a traditional nine to five position. If you can maintain your client relationships and provide them with services on the weekends only, you’ll definitely thrive at Distinct as a marketing advisor.

     You’ll enjoy supplemental income at competitive rates. We want to pay our marketing advisors well and encourage them to stay with our platform. As such, we offer competitive compensation that other marketing firms will usually try to skimp on. It’s so important for stay at home parents to be able to care for their children while making a respectable income.

     You’ll be able to build your business. Launching or scaling one’s career is difficult without children. As an entrepreneur who is taking care of a family, it’s even more difficult. A lot of the time, freelancers will struggle to reach their career goals and eventually sacrifice them to focus on their families. As a marketing advisor at Distinct, you won’t have to choose. We want to help you thrive. 

Are you convinced? Distinct can help you take control of your career without having to sacrifice your role as a stay at home parent. Get in touch with us to learn more! 


Apply to Be a Marketing Advisor

What Does a Marketing Advisor Do?


Challenge yourself and building your career at the same time, without sacrificing valuable time with your children.


A marketing advisor (also called an MA) is someone who brings in fresh new clients to Distinct and keeps them satisfied with marketing services. A marketing advisor is more or less the first impression of Distinct that clients will have, and will serve as an advisor for their marketing endeavors.


The marketing advisor position was created in order to help the Distinct team find new clients. This is best done by building relationships with local communities. When a marketing advisor brings a new client (or an existing client that the advisor has worked with before), they will work within our brand’s user-friendly and helpful systems to onboard that client, manage their business needs, manage their projects, and make sure that the technical aspects like web design are given to our HQ team in a timely manner.


When it comes down to it, we’re not looking for an expert web designer or a super successful marketing specialist. We’re just looking for someone who knows how to work with people and help them feel heard. We’d like to think parents are pretty good at that!


Does This Sound Like You?


  • You’re friendly and love being around people of all ages.
  • You love to network and build connections with other professionals.
  • You’re passionate about improving your small business while raising your children at home.
  • You understand how difficult it can be to launch a new business or become a freelancer– especially while balancing life and a family.
  • You love helping other business owners launch the business of their dreams successfully.
  • You know how to self-start and have tons of energy.
  • You enjoy making people feel heard and comfortable, and it comes naturally.
  • You constantly set goals and work diligently to meet them.
  • You’re looking for something flexible so that you can focus on your children and your career without burning out.
  • You’re capable of balancing multiple clients and have experience doing so.
  • You understand the value of work-life balance as a stay at home parent.

Sound like you? Then you may just be the perfect fit for Distinct’s marketing advisor position!


Distinct is a Leader in Local, Community-Based Marketing

We understand that many stay at home parents want to be part of a company that would make their families proud. At Distinct, we strive to be a leading startup in the marketing advisory niche. We believe that our community culture aligns very well with what many stay at home parents are looking for.


One of the tasks of a marketing advisor is to help local businesses scale and stay strong via marketing assistance. We only want the best of the best, because we know very well that Distinct is only as successful as the teams that make it. We’re also passionate about helping our marketing advisors get to where they want to be as professionals. Balancing work and life doesn’t have to be impossible for stay at home parents!


Are you concerned about possibly leaving your old clients behind to contract with Distinct? No need to worry– we’ll compensate you for any clients that you transfer to our platforms.


Be Part of the Distinct Family


It’s rough out there for advisors and marketing professionals. Many marketing firms have extremely high turnover rates. This is likely due to staff feeling overworked, underpaid, and unable to balance their work life with their family life. At Distinct, we want to change the narrative. We have a large team of marketing advisors that have stuck around for quite some time. We believe that is because of the work we’ve put into creating a safe, lucrative, and simple company culture that parents can appreciate. Positivity is key– we want to help you reach your career dreams and stick around as long as possible!


Don’t believe us? Learn more about what our current marketing advisors have to say about working with Distinct.

Marketing Advisor Testimonials

Sustain relationships. Make your own schedule. Keep your family and work life in check. Become part of the Distinct team!


We’re Looking for Passionate Stay at Home Parents Who Understand How to Pull in Clientelle


The difference between Distinct and other marketing firms has to be our dedication to making it easier for local businesses and communities to thrive. By serving as a marketing advisor for Distinct, you can become part of a company that values community and wants to see entrepreneurs thrive and scale.


Our hiring process, as well as our onboarding process, is quite easy. However, they are also thorough. We don’t want to overwhelm our new marketing advisors. Rather, we want to help you feel empowered and pumped up, ready to start a new chapter in your career! We’ll do everything we can as a team to help our new advisors ease into their new position with the fire to succeed.


Marketing Advisor Responsibilities


Distinct’s marketing advisors have a core set of responsibilities. These include:


  • Scouting and retaining new and existing clients for Distinct’s platform.
  • Assisting clients with the Distinct intake and onboarding process.
  • Working hard to make sure those initial processes are not overwhelming for the client.
  • Maintaining relationships with clients that are friendly, positive, and based around success.
  • Providing advisory services to clients, specifically when it comes to their marketing strategies and general business processes. (Of course, our team will thoroughly train you beforehand. You won’t be going in blind!)
  • Offer services from Distinct to existing clients.
  • Master the art of excellent customer experiences.

We don’t want to overwhelm our new advisors, so we’ll make sure taking on these responsibilities is a gradual and natural process.


Marketing Advisor Compensation


We only want the best marketing advisors out there. Naturally, that means that we are willing to pay competitive compensation to the marketing advisors we bring out. It’s what you deserve for your hard work, and we believe marketing advisors should be able to support their families.


Distinct marketing advisors will enjoy receiving all of the leads that Distinct can find and distribute among the team. As a marketing advisor, you will also have your own book of business, meaning that you’ll have more control over your business than many other marketing firms would allow. You’ll also receive a recurring commission for the entirety of your client partnerships. We also offer a ton of upfront commissions for website signups as well.


As part of the Distinct team, you’ll enjoy other bells and whistles as well. All of our marketing advisors receive social media profiles, landing pages on our website, and custom Google My Business profiles. On top of it all, you’ll be able to set your own schedule and workload as well.


Ready to change your career as a stay at home parent? Apply to be a Distinct marketing advisor today!


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