Instant Number Setup

Provides an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard that anyone can understand and navigate. With the click of a button, you are able to instantly search any area code and add a phone number. In less than 30 seconds you can add a phone number, configure the number, and begin using instantly.

Toll-free Numbers

Toll-free phone numbers are great for national marketing campaigns. They can give your company the appearance of having a national presence and offer customers a way to call you toll-free. In our dashboard you can easily add toll-free phone numbers from a variety of options like 888, 866, and others. It takes less than 30 seconds to add a toll-free phone number and configure it.

Call Recording

Simply tracking phone calls is not enough. Listening to call recordings will help you coach your staff on optimizing what they say to convert more calls into paying customers. Call recordings are also a great way to go back and grab a piece of information that you may have forgot to write down during the call. Distinct Phone enables you to record calls or any of your phone numbers and optionally play a greeting message to let the other caller know the call is being recorded.

Greeting Messages

Allows you to play a greeting message to the caller at the beginning of the call. You can choose to record a custom greeting message through our easy-to-use greeting message creator tools or upload an existing message from an MP3 file. Greeting messages can introduce your business and give your customers a professional impression or you can simply let the caller know the call is being recorded.

Dynamic Phone Numbers

Dynamic phone numbers enable you to track phone call conversions in the same way you track web form conversions. We give you one line of code to add to the website or landing page and we do the rest. Phone calls are tracked to the visitors session and you get data on where the
visitor came from, the ad they clicked on, the landing page they landed on, and so much more. Create a dynamic number in your dashboard in less than 30 seconds and begin tracking phone call conversions to get a complete picture of what’s
happening with your marketing

Google Analytics Integration

We offer direct integration for each
company in your Distinct Phone account with Google Analytics. You can push all your phone calls into Google Analytics as events so you can see exactly what’s
happening and how many conversions you’re driving, even from these offline events.

Google Adwords Integration

integrates directly with Google Ads
(formerly Google Adwords). With one click, you can integrate each company in your Distinct Phone account with your MCC Google Ads account, choose the
sub-account, and instantly we create a new conversion action called PhoneCalls which will push a conversion to Google Ads for all calls from your dynamic number in that company.

Automated Text Replies

Create a text message reply for missed calls and other events. This helps you engage customers in their preferred method of communication, text messaging, and
prevents them from calling a competitor if you don’t answer your phone.