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Google and Bing Paid Ads

Google and Bing Paid Ads

Google and Bing Paid Ads
Organic SEO is important, but many companies also choose to prioritize some paid ads to show up in the ad spaces of Google and Bing. Distinct can create and manage these ad listings for you.

When we do, you can expect:

  • We will edit and improve any existing graphics and copy as needed.
  • We will create new graphics and content for these paid ads.
  • We will set up the advertising campaign and choose the Google and Bing targeting.
  • You will receive monthly advertising metric reports as well.

Just like with retargeting, you won’t need to approve every single time an ad is posted or updated. However, you will be able to give initial approval on all standard ad templates, themes and formats so that you know that what is going out to the public matches your business’ values and persona.

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