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Get advice from your own personal advisor to help you with your website

Distinct is the only web design company with a one-on-one advisor that lives and works in your community. Your business deserves to be designed by someone who understands it, not just some cookie-cutter template.

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We focus our talent and energy on supporting small businesses with expertise and tools to help them build a strong local and digital presence and reclaim local business through targeted marketing.


We aim to strengthen communities by helping small businesses thrive through successful marketing advising. Strong marketing and strategy is the key to competing against big corporations and bolstering local economies.

Why is Distinct the best choice for Local Web Design for Small Businesses?

You’re tired of having to work with web designers that don’t understand your business. They just want you to sign a contract and get paid, but they never listen to what you need or want.

Imagine working with a local advisor who knows your business inside and out. Your advisor will meet with you face-to-face, so they can learn about your company’s goals and culture before designing anything for you. They are also available by phone during the design process, so if there are any questions or concerns along the way, we right there to help solve them immediately.

Distinct is the only web design company with an advisor that lives and works in your community. Our advisors are local business owners themselves, so they know exactly what you need from a website design firm – one-on-one attention from start to finish!

Who can Distinct help?

Distinct uses local marketing advisors in your area who focus on your needs and what makes your community unique. Our Greencastle, Indiana office supports our advisors and together we support your business and your goals. This business model keeps local dollars local and prioritizes understanding your business and community.

Distinct Headquarters

Distinct Headquarters is a team of specialists that come together to deliver the most effective marketing for your business. We believe in exceptional customer service, and that starts with understanding your unique needs through your Marketing Advsior. Once services begin our Headquarters staff is ready to execute the plans in place. 

Meet some of our clients who love becoming distinct!

Like Lori who says that “Magic support is a great compliment to all the services that Distinct offers their clients. It really alleviates a ton of stress!” “They’re very responsive, very quick, & very accurate!”

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You’ve tried hiring a web designer before, but you’re not sure if they really understand your business. They just want to make something that looks pretty and doesn’t work for your company at all.

Imagine having a web designer who knows exactly what you need and how to get it done right the first time. Your new website will be designed by someone who has experience in your industry, so it’s easy to use and gets results!

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