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At Distinct, our mission is to optimize your business through personalized marketing support. We know businesses have a lifecycle all their own, and we’re here to work with you through each phase with easy to understand and reasonably priced packages. We utilize skilled marketing agents and digital tools to provide as little or as much support as you need on your marketing journey.

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We focus our talent and energy on supporting small businesses with expertise and tools to help them build a strong local and digital presence and reclaim local business through targeted marketing.


We aim to strengthen communities by helping small businesses thrive through successful marketing advising. Strong marketing and strategy is the key to competing against big corporations and bolstering local economies.

Investing In Your Business

You have a vision for your business and we’re here to help implement it. It’s recommended that new companies spend between 12-20% of revenue on marketing; once a company is more established they can pull back to 6-12%. Wherever your business falls, we’re here to tailor a successful marketing plan.

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Who can Distinct help?

Distinct uses local marketing advisors in your area who focus on your needs and what makes your community unique. Our Greencastle, IN office supports our advisors and together we support your business and your goals. This business model keeps local dollars local and prioritizes understanding your business and community.

The Distinct Wave

Communities are strongest when they collaborate, and we aim to connect our clients and their communities to each other through the Distinct Wave. Clients who choose to opt into this revolutionary service will support other local businesses as part of their marketing plan through exciting cross-promotion. Together, we can build strong local connections and presence in the digital world.

Meet some of our clients who love becoming distinct!

Like Lori who says that “Magic support is a great compliment to all of the services that Distinct offers their clients. It really alleviates a ton of stress!” “They’re very responsive, very quick, & very accurate!”

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We’re confident we can help you reach your goals and committed to providing you unparalleled service. If you’re not happy, we offer a full refund within the first 3 months of service–no strings attached.

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