Glossary of Web Analytics Terms

Understanding how your digital marketing campaign is working and, in particular, how your website is working is important if you are going to maximize their impact. The terms you encounter when dealing with website analytics, however, may be unfamiliar. You may find yourself lost in a sea of web design terms, but we have your …

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How to Use Your Website to Grow Your Business

For an online business, a website is significant in putting your brand before millions of customers. A website should explain what the business is all about, what it sells, and who the target customers are. Establishing a reliable website is not enough for the business; you must also know how you can use the site …

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Top 10 Problems of Managing Your Own Facebook Advertising

On the surface, Facebook advertising looks straightforward: You simply create and post the ads. If you are a business that has experience in marketing, it may be tempting to undertake your own social media advertising campaign. But the truth is that Facebook advertising requires a level of expertise and strategizing that not all businesses understand.