Zoho Analytics

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
Customized for You

Zoho Analytics exists to make organizing and understanding your business data faster. With no need for additional IT support, its powerful self-serve tools save time, hassle, and expense, while its flexibility and versatility make it easy to customize the reports and discover the hidden insights that work for you.

Import Data from Multiple Sources

Draw data in from every source with Zoho Analytics' import feature. Use Zoho Analytics to turn that data into meaningful reports, dashboards, and insights into your business health and growth.


Customize Your Analytics

Examine your data with a drag and drop feature that allows you to view the data you need for your business, look deeper into insights and trends that affect your business, and craft reports and dashboards that are meaningful for you.

Use AI to Craft Reports

Zoho Analytic's AI, Zia, can automatically generate reports based on a single question from you.


Collaborate Online

Share your reports across teams, encourage conversation around the reports, and make the decisions you need with online collaboration through Zoho Analytics.