Zoho People Plus

An Integrated HR Platform for an
Improved Employee Experience

Manage your employee lifecycle, tedious tasks, and employee empowerment on a single platform. Zoho People Plus delivers an incredible employee experience while allowing you to streamline your HR processes and build an environment of collaboration and engagement within your business.

Manage the Entire
Employee Lifecycle

Zoho People Plus can help you to manage every stage of the employee lifecycle, from hiring, to onboarding, engaging and empowering. Our system provides the tools you need for each stage, from an applicant tracking system to expense management to an internal portal that helps employees engage.


Keep Your Employees Engaged

Empower your employees and help them to collaborate and connect with each other through Zoho People Plus. Our system delivers self-service options for tasks such as travel and reimbursement, while making collaboration possible through employee social walls, internal portals, and more.

Scale for Your HR Needs

Zoho People Plus grows as your business grows. Never lack the tools and resources you need for your business to thrive, no matter how many employees and how much data you have.


Are you ready for a streamlined HR platform?