Zoho Sprints

Project Management for Agile Teams

Zoho Sprints provides a transformative platform for managing product development and launches with your agile teams. Use Zoho Sprints to collaborate, track progress, identify and fix bottlenecks, and get products your audiences want into their hands more quickly.

Project Planning and Tracking

Use Zoho Sprints to plan your product releases and then to track the progress of those releases. Match up your current pace with your desired timelines, and identify areas where slowdowns and bottlenecks occur so you can overcome potential problems before they derail the project.


Customized Workflows

Flex to meet your team's needs with customized workflows. Adjust workflows as needed to meet team needs and ensure the success of the project.

Enhanced Collaboration

Use Zoho Sprints to create opportunities for collaboration among your teams. In particular, use our social feed to notify each other of communications and to stay in touch across locations and time zones.