Key Factors You Should Consider before a Website Redesign

Website redesigns are major improvements to a website that includes modifying the coding, content, layout, or visual structure. Most website redesigns aim to improve the overall user experience while also enhancing the site’s performance, SERP ranking, and conversion rate. 

Redesigning a website can be for a variety of reasons, including a company’s acquisition or acquisition by another company, a migration to a new content management system, or when an existing website reaches the end of its useful life. 

There are various aspects to consider while redesigning a website, regardless of the reason for the redesign. Without following the proper guidelines, a website redesign could work against the site owner’s benefit.

The sections below will discuss the purpose of website redesigns, what aspects to consider during a redesign, and how a redesign may help with search engine optimization.

Identify Your Top Performing Pages

Prior to the redesign, it is critical to understand what is working well on the website to establish where the most work is necessary. 

If a page, piece of information, or tool on the current website is working well, it should be transferred over to the new site. The website development team can use the structure of these pages to build upon if there is a pattern to the type of page or type of content among the top-performing pages. 

The elements that make a page less useful or enticing to a user should be investigated if it is not performing well or converting well. All of these insights and lessons can aid in the planning and development of the new layout.

Know Your Visitors and Regular Customers

It is critical for any business to know its customers and identify what they want. If a website does not serve the user, it will never be successful. 

Recognize the website’s objective, whether it’s for the goal of informing, producing online sales, or gathering information from possible consumer leads. Whatever the solution is, the redesigned website must fulfill that goal. 

If your customer can’t identify the way to their goal, your firm will never make a sale or generate a lead.

Envision What You Want to Achieve with This Redesign

If your company doesn’t know what it’s aiming for, a website makeover will never get off the ground. As the redesign process progresses and the website develops, the success indicators may vary, but companies should always keep the initial aims in mind. 

If the company’s goal is to improve the website’s speed, development efforts should be concentrated on the website’s technical components. Streamlining code, deleting obsolete plugins or features, and compressing big images are all things that can be done. 

Google’s page speed report, Google’s Core web vitals, and real-world experience with the website will all be used to determine success indicators. 


Now that your company has made a significant step toward increasing its digital presence by deciding to rebuild the website, it’s time to keep the momentum going by continuing to optimize. 

Because a new website is a vehicle for higher rankings, better conversions, and enhanced brand exposure, it’s critical to keep it tuned up with SEO.

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