The Must-See Activities in Greencastle, Indiana

You may be wondering why a local web design company is writing about spending the night in Greencastle, Indiana. The answer is quite simple though – we love our town and you will too! Our intention is to create a series of posts similar to this so we hope you enjoy it! We will refer to clients often and we will disclose those relationships (as of the date of posting each blog) in order to be as fair as possible. Enjoy!

Welcome To Greencastle, Indiana 46135!

You can't fully appreciate Greencastle, Indiana until you've spent some time exploring it. That's why we've put together a list of activities that are must-sees for visitors who only have the opportunity to stay overnight in town. Whether you're looking for places to eat or things to do, this blog post will help guide your short visit!

Friday Evening – Dinner and Lodging

If you're like me the closer you are to your destination the more likely you are to be scouring Google Maps for your dinner destination. While there are many great options in Greencastle there's one I must suggest on a Friday evening. You can't miss (Our Client) The Putnam Inn because it is Seafood Night!

The Putnam Inn is a buffet famous for its fried chicken and catering that offers a seafood buffet on Fridays which often includes crab legs. If you're like my household, not everyone enjoys seafood and buffets, but that's fine Because the Putnam Inn has an incredible menu that's available along with a great selection of drinks (and drink specials) hidden back in their bar, Mr. Ron's.

I recommend you check it out and I'm sure the people here at The Putnam Inn will be more than happy to help make your stay in Greencastle, Indiana perfect.

Now that your hanger is subdued it's time to check into your lodging accommodations. For this trip, I would suggest one of two Airbnb's depending on the size of your group. If you're with a large group you must stay at the Historic Major Dunbar house (associated with a client of ours).

The Major Dunbar House is close to everything DePauw and Greencastle have to offer. Your family will enjoy our gourmet kitchen, 1st-floor master suite, 3 bedrooms upstairs with plenty of room for your kids' toys, or a play area for the little ones! It also boasts 2.5 baths so everyone can get ready at once.

If you're a solo traveler or a couple then the Courthouse Square Loft is perfect for you! This gorgeous loft is in the heart of downtown Greencastle and you'll never get lost. The spacious and modern apartment is your perfect headquarters for visiting DePauw University or downtown Greencastle. Recently renovated, you'll be just steps away from many other fantastic shops and restaurants!

Settle in for the night and get ready for breakfast, shopping, and nature tomorrow.

Saturday Morning

You're on a short trip and there's no time to waste sitting down for breakfast so you decide some pastries and coffee will do. Head down the road from either Airbnb to Breadworks By Bridges and be teleported from small-town Indiana to a modern urban bakery and bistro. Personally, I would suggest a crossover and a large black coffee but you really can't go wrong. If you need a fancy drink with lots of sugar you can always go to our local Starbucks as well.

Caffeinated, pastry in hand, head down to the farmers market and browse some local produce, crafts, pet treats, music, and more!

A leisurely stroll through the historic downtown district is also a great way to spend your morning. Greencastle, Indiana has a rich history and around the downtown square, many historic markers and plaques can be found.

The farmers market won't take too much of your morning and once you're done shopping there I would suggest you visit the DePauw Nature Park which is free and open to the public.

Here you'll find over 520 acres of various terrain that you can explore on many different paths. Soak it in, enjoy nature, and when you're ready for lunch head back to town.

If you have someone with you that needs to get a “good lift in” instead of hiking they can always head over to The Warehouse (

Lunch In Greencastle Indiana

The lunch suggestions in this city are endless, but if you want to aim for a light lunch on this trip so you can enjoy your dinner before heading home! Head over to Myers Market (a client) and opt for a sandwich with some soup – you can even order ahead. The moment you walk into Myers you'll realize your shopping part of the trip has begun. Browse local Indiana products, spices, coffee, soaps, and more!

I suggest making sure you leave with at least the following: Shipshewana Happy SaltBroad Ripple Chip Co Circle City Kombucha, and some Jameson Coffe.

Finish your lunch and head back to the square for some shopping.

Shopping In Greencastle, Indiana.

For this trip you want to walk to your shopping destinations on the square so here are your options. Take your time and explore them all as they all offer various gifts, clothing, crafts, and other awesome items. I suggest you check out the are of Bear Threads that features men's soap and beard oils. I always enjoy it when a boutique has an area I can browse while my wife shops.

Burdge Boots & Boutique

Conspire Indiana

Blushing Beaus (

Bear Threads Boutique

Simply Rustik Boutique

Dinner Time In Greencastle, Indiana 

I'm always ready for dinner. It's hard for me to select just one place to suggest for dinner in Greencastle, Indiana. However, if you were visiting town for one day and I must suggest you visit Bridges Craft Pizza & Wine Bar. Teleport into fine dining at the wine bar whose team has cooked at the James Beard house. Dine in the main floor or wine cellar while enjoying homemade pasta, pizza, or (my favorite) their lobster roll when it's on the menu. The dinner experience will sweep you off your feet and you can head upstairs to the rooftop afterward to enjoy a beverage of your choice. The views from the rooftop are stunning!

Farewell, Greencastle, Indiana.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Greencastle, Indiana. If you have any questions about the places I mentioned, feel free to reach out and ask.

I hope your visit was as enjoyable for you as it has been for me to write about!