Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Developer

WordPress is, hands down, the most popular content management system (CMS) for building websites. Versatile, customizable, easy to use, and inexpensive, it is ideal for many businesses. One of its most appealing features is the fact that non-technical individuals can use WordPress to set up a basic website.

With the DIY version of WordPress available, why would businesses choose to hire a WordPress developer? The simple answer is that a WordPress developer delivers more options and support. Here is a little bit of a closer look at the advantages of hiring a WordPress developer.

A WordPress developer can customize your site.

DIY WordPress may be easy and inexpensive, but it has its limitations. The biggest one? The inability to customize your site. You have many themes and plugins from which to choose, but you can't build new ones, or tweak the existing ones, without some technical expertise.

A WordPress developer possesses the expertise you need to build a site that is fully tailored to your business. This professional can actually build new themes and plugins for you to use on your WordPress site. That means no cookie cutter appearance for you, and exactly the functionality your site needs to thrive.

A WordPress developer can deliver this level of customization because they are deeply familiar with WordPress and with the coding languages necessary to work within the CMS. They aren't limited to what already exists, so they can add, tweak, and rework whatever they need to get you the perfect site for your business.

A WordPress developer can keep your site secure.

Handling a WordPress site on your own might be possible from a design standpoint. You can definitely plug your site into the theme you want or add some of your favorite plugins. When it comes to preventing hacking and keeping your clients' data safe, though, DIY might not cut it.

Creating a secure website requires expertise, ongoing attentiveness, and up to date knowledge. Since even big-name websites have fallen prey to hacking, you're going to want a WordPress developer to help protect your site.

A WordPress developer possesses both the knowledge and the expertise necessary to build in the security you need. For example, they can create secure plugins ad well as maintain the security of plugins and other features that need to be updated regularly. If you need other security features, like secure payment gateways or SSL certificates, a WordPress developer can help you with those, too.

A WordPress developer provides technical support.

It isn't a matter of if but a matter of when. At some point, you will encounter problems with your website. There are many potential issues that could pop up. You might, for instance, find that a page is returning an error message instead of loading properly. A link may be broken. A plugin might break. You may discover that your site has been hacked.

Regardless of the specific issue, website problems can lead to fewer visitors and conversions. The longer the problem persists, the more customers and money you lose.

It can be difficult to solve these problems if you lack technical or coding expertise. Resolving the issues, therefore, can take significant time and cost you a surprising amount of money.

A WordPress developer can offer you the technical support you need to handle problems with your website. This professional, for example, can conduct regular maintenance on your site to prevent problems like broken links. In addition, when problems do occur, the WordPress developer can resolve the issue for you efficiently.

A WordPress developer is a strong ally to have in the fight to create and maintain an effective website. Their expertise allows them to customize your site. It allows them to create a secure site and to offer the technical support that you need.

If you want the support of an experienced WordPress developer, reach out to Distinct Web Design. We will do more than create a WordPress site using standard plugins and themes. Instead, we will customize your site to create exactly the look and functionality you need.

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