Internet Marketing Myths That May Be Holding You Back

With almost two billion people poised to purchase something online this year, Internet marketing is pretty clearly the best way to expand your business success in 2019. So if Internet marketing is such a no brainer, why are so many small businesses so hesitant to promote themselves online? We blame these myths (among other things). If you believe any of them, it is time to stop allowing misconceptions about Internet marketing to hold you back.

Internet Marketing Myth 1: Internet marketing is DIY.

There are plenty of things you can do yourself: Change a tire, file your taxes, power wash your house. What you can't do by yourself: Create and launch a successful Internet marketing campaign. Unfortunately, many small business owners think that creating a noticeable online presence is as easy as throwing up a simple website template and starting a Facebook page.

The reality is a little more complex. Internet marketing, also known as digital marketing, is definitely easier and less expensive than many people realize. However, it does require a consistent investment of time and a little bit of money to succeed. And that means you need the expertise of people who have been doing this for awhile and can help you achieve the results that you want.

Instead of trying to do Internet marketing by yourself, consider hiring experts who can identify the best digital marketing avenues for your business, implement your campaign, track your results, and keep you up to date throughout the entire process.

Internet Marketing Myth 2: You only need to set up your marketing campaign once.

What happens to most things that are left to themselves? They wear out, break down, and otherwise fall apart. It's the law of entropy, and it applies to your Internet marketing campaign too. Unfortunately, many small business owners think that all they need to do is set up a website and leave it alone, or set up a Facebook page and ignore it. That strategy however, dooms your Internet marketing efforts from the start.

Much like a house left alone falls into disrepair, and eventually falls apart altogether, so does an Internet marketing campaign fall apart if ignored. Your website needs to be continuously updated with fresh content and design tweaks. Your social media presence needs to be strategic and monitored (and you need to post regularly). Your blog needs to be updated at least once a week. Otherwise, your Internet presence starts to feel like a sagging old house with the windows broken. And no one is going to go there to find what they need.

Internet Marketing Myth 3: Small businesses can't do Internet marketing.

Sometimes, small businesses feel intimidated by the amount of time, effort, and expertise required to successfully promote themselves online. They believe that Internet marketing is only for the big guys who have the manpower and the budgets to make an online splash.

However, we want you to know that Internet marketing is actually the perfect avenue for promoting your small business. Relatively inexpensive, and with the ability to reach large audiences, it provides a great opportunity to compete with the big guys in getting the word out about your company.

You just need the right partner. That is why we here at Distinct Web Design work every day to help small businesses take advantage of the benefits available through Internet marketing. Whether you want to broaden your reach, make your name better known in your community, or increase your profits, digital marketing is the way to go for small businesses. Let us show you how.