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7 Good Reasons to Retarget Your Online Ads

Online advertising isn’t about people happily clicking through to your site and making a purchase (or signing up for emails or registering for an event, or doing any of the other things you want them to do). Often, they need to encounter your business multiple times before they convert.

Retargeting your online ads is a smart way to encourage these repeat encounters. Retargeting delivers relevant ads to people who have already visited your site. These ads are personalized based on what visitors have seen before. They encourage people to come back to a website and explore it further.

Retargeted ads can help you win more conversions. Don’t just take our word for it though. Consider these 10 reasons for embracing retargeted ads.

People don’t convert on the first visit.

There are, of course, exceptions. The reality, however, is that a whopping 96 percent of website visitors do not convert the first time they visit. To get more of those people to convert, you need to retarget your online ads to keep your business front and center in their minds.

The conversion rate of retargeted online ads is better than that of regular ads. 

Conversion rates of online ads are notoriously low, about .07 percent. Retargeted ads, however, boast a conversion rate of .7 percent. This is 10 times better than that of those original ads. In fact, people who see retargeted ads are 70 percent more likely to convert. Retargeted ads are worth the investment.

People like retargeted online ads.

Do not worry that people will be put off by retargeted ads. About a quarter of individuals actually enjoy retargeted ads. An even larger percentage, 47 percent, would give up their privacy in order to get a better deal on something they want. Use your retargeted ads to give them these deals. 

People respond to retargeted online ads. 

People don’t just like retargeted ads. They respond to them positively. For example, about 60 percent of people will think about a retargeted ad they see as they browse the Internet. They are also 1,046 percent (you read that right) more likely to look up a business by name after seeing a retargeted ad. 

Your competitors are using retargeted online ads.

Keeping up with the Joneses might not be a good idea, but keeping up with your competitors definitely is. Guess what your competitors are doing? Using retargeted online ads. In fact, 60 percent of marketers set aside a budget specifically for retargeting. You need to retarget yourself, or get left behind. 

The professionals recommend retargeting.

Marketing professionals are solidly in support of retargeting. Its success speaks for itself. And, they want businesses to use it more. About 46 percent of marketing professionals say retargeting should be used more. 

Retargeted ads give consumers what they want. 

One of the biggest reasons to pursue retargeting is because it gives consumers what they want. It is at the sweet spot where your needs and consumers’ needs meet that you earn conversions for your business. 

Retargeted ads give people more information about things they are already interested in. That is why a quarter of individuals actually like seeing retargeted ads. Often, consumers had already intended to visit your website again. A retargeted ad gives them a good reason to do so. 

Retargeting online ads can increase conversions and engagement. Consumers are receptive to this strategy. It delivers strong conversions. It gives what consumers want. It can help you achieve your digital marketing goals. 

If you want to begin retargeting, reach out to Distinct Web Design. We can put together a comprehensive digital marketing campaign for you that can improve your online presence and your ROI. 

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