Simple, User-Friendly Fixes for Your Web Design

Is your web design easy to use? What would your visitors say if we asked them? If you cringe at the thought that they might bring up that broken link you've been meaning to fix, that overcrowded navigation bar, or the lack of a search option on the homepage, you might need a web design company to help you implement some better functionality. 

Before you start counting out arms and legs to donate to the cause of user friendly web design, though, consider this: User friendly elements can be pretty easy, and inexpensive, to implement. Here are a few of the easiest and most effective steps your web design company can take to improve the user friendliness of your site. 

Eliminate broken links and pages.

You know the old adage: “If it ain't broke, don't fix it.” But if it is broken, and it's on your website, you need to get it working again. Not only will website visitors abandon a link or a page that is not working, but they are likely to abandon your entire website, too. Search engines won't be any happier. If they encounter error messages while crawling your website, you can kiss favorable search results rankings goodbye.

Fortunately, identifying and repairing these problems isn't all that hard. Your web design company can quickly use a variety of tools to pinpoint the problem areas on your sight. Then, they can take steps to repair the problem or remove the link/page. All of a sudden, you have a friendlier, more navigable site with which to wow your visitors.

Declutter your navigation.

Speaking of navigation, what does your navigation bar look like? If you can proudly point to a different link for every piece of information on your site, you might need to declutter. Navigation should be easy on your site, no matter where the visitor wants to go. 

However, making every web page available on your navigation bar can make getting around your site more confusing, not less. No one wants to sort through a dozen options to find the one they want. 

Fix your web design quickly by decluttering your navigation bar. Choose up to five categories and group any additional pages under drop down menus. 

And add a search function. That way, visitors can easily find anything they need in less time and with less frustration. A web design company can help you create this simple, intuitive pathway through your site.

Speed up page loads.

Did you know that after three seconds people start abandoning a site that isn't fully loaded? A user-friendly web design has to be optimized for maximum page load speed.

You can use a variety of tools, including a free tool from Google, to check your page load speeds. Then, ask a web design company to help improve pages that aren't loading fast enough. Fewer graphics, compressed images, and more can all reduce the time it takes a web page to show up. And that can improve your visitors' overall experience with your site.

Implement (awesome) calls to action.

If you are doing your web design right, then you will have something you want visitors to do on every page of your site. Now you just need to tell your visitors what that is. Don't leave them guessing about the next step. The choice they make (i.e. check out a competitor) might not be the choice you want them to make (i.e. add item to cart).

To guide users through your site, and your marketing funnel, use calls to action. These are simple, clear statements about what your website visitors should do next. And, they should stand out on your web page. Consider, for example, turning them into buttons, making them big, and using contrasting colors. 

Your web design company, of course, can help you jazz up these calls to action. The right web design can quickly and easily make them a central aspect of every web page.

Include contact information on every page. 

Your contact page isn't going to be enough to deliver a great user experience to your website visitors. Instead, make your company instantly accessible by including your contact information on every page.

Don't just include your email, either. Make yourself easy to reach by including your name, phone number, email, physical address, and even a live chat button. The easier people can reach you, the more likely they will be to stay and use your site.

If you want to quickly improve user experience on your website, consider these tips. And don't forget to reach out to an experienced web design and digital marketing company like Distinct Web Design. We can offer you high quality services intended to make your website as beautiful and user friendly as possible.