Save Money with a Digital Marketing Agency

As a small business, we know that one of your goals is to make your already tight marketing budget stretch farther. We also know that you are a fan of DIY for just that reason.

However, when it comes to hiring a digital marketing agency to help you manage your online ad campaigns and presence, you might be surprised to learn that professional help can save you money.

How can a digital marketing agency save you critical marketing dollars (and even help you to make a profit)? Read on to find out.

A digital marketing agency can be cheaper than hiring employees.

Digital marketing is a specialized field that can be difficult to navigate on your own, especially since your and your employees' time is probably just as limited as your marketing dollars.

However, hiring extra employees can be a costly proposition. You have salary and benefits to worry about, for example, plus all the costs of onboarding someone new into your company culture.

While hiring a digital marketing agency does require a financial investment, it is going to cost you less than hiring a full time employee to do the same work. And don't worry: The professional guidance you receive will be every bit as good as having a full timer on staff, at least when you choose Distinct Web Design as your agency.

A digital marketing agency offers up-to-date expertise.

On that note, you may find yourself saving money with a digital marketing agency because of the high level of expertise they bring to your business. You could try to DIY your online ads yourself, set up your own Facebook ad campaign, or sign up for a Google AdWords campaign alone.

Unfortunately, without expert knowledge to guide you, it is likely that you will miss out on opportunities and strategies that could maximize the effectiveness of those campaigns. For example, do you know how to locate the keywords to use in your ads that are most relevant to your business?

A digital marketing agency like Distinct Web Design, however, has the experience and knowledge needed to make the most of your online ads. For example, Distinct is a Google Partner, with certification in running Google AdWords campaigns. You won't find that kind of expertise, or get the subsequent conversions and visits from your online ads, by doing research during your lunch hour.

A digital marketing agency provides greater efficiency.

When it comes to digital marketing, efficiency can save (or make) you money. For example, knowing who your target audience is can help you develop targeted ads rather than using trial and error to identify the people most likely to benefit from your business. Similarly, being able to see and interpret your analytics from your ad campaigns or knowing how to conduct A/B testing for your Google AdWords campaigns can help you more quickly start using ads and techniques that draw people over to your website.

A digital marketing agency can help you achieve this level of efficiency because of the expertise mentioned above. For example, here at Distinct Web Design, we can offer you analytics reports, develop specific personas for your target audience, and use A/B testing effectively to ensure that you are always putting out the most profitable digital marketing efforts possible.

A digital marketing agency provides consistent support.

Finally, a digital marketing agency can save you money by offering immediate and consistent support for your digital marketing campaign.

For example, has your website ever crashed at midnight? Has an employee ever been out sick at a critical time of year? Have you ever been stuck trying to figure out why a certain ad refuses to show up on Facebook?

These problems take time to fix if you are doing it yourself. And that is time not being spent making your business a profit. If you have the help of a digital marketing agency, however, you enjoy consistent, prompt support that can get your problems solved faster. And that means that you get back to earning money more quickly than if you were trying to manage your digital marketing campaign yourself.

If you want to save yourself money (and even make money) over the long term, hiring a digital marketing agency is your best bet. Less expensive than hiring another employee, more efficient and experienced than trying to do it yourself, and with the ability to offer consistent and prompt support, these professionals can help you forge an effective and cost effective campaign. Check out Distinct Web Design for digital marketing services created specifically with small businesses in mind.




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