Small Business Marketing Challenges that Your Strategy Can Overcome

Running a small business comes with lots of challenges, are we right? While embracing challenges is probably part of the reason you became an entrepreneur in the first place, you also want solutions to the problems you face as a small business owner.

When it comes to small business marketing, there are certain issues that may arise. Unfortunately, these issues often discourage small businesses from putting their best foot forward. However, you are an entrepreneur. Challenges are nothing to be scared of, especially with the right support. Here are the biggest small business marketing challenges, and how to overcome them.

Small Business Marketing Challenge 1: No Time

When you are a small business owner, time is usually in short supply. When you have to act as HR, accounting, purchasing, marketer, and more, you can guess how much attention the marketing receives.

Faced with time crunches, many small business owners opt to ignore small business marketing. Word of mouth is probably enough, anyway, they think.

The problem is that word of mouth just isn't enough. In an increasingly digital age, people want to connect with your business online. Digital marketing is a necessity.

Lucky for you, small business marketing is within your grasp. With a digital marketing company to help, you can create the time you need to promote your business.

Small Business Marketing Challenge 2: No Money

Small businesses usually mean small budgets. Those purse strings are tight, and making the most of every dollar is usually the difference between being in the black and being in the red for the month.

Tight budgets can mean, therefore, that small business marketing simply feels too expensive. How can you afford a digital marketing agency's help? How do you build an effective Google AdWords campaign on the money available for marketing? How can you be sure that you are making every dollar count?

When a lack of funds feels insurmountable, take heart: The right digital marketing agency can actually help you save money. How? By helping you allocate your dollars for maximum ROI, and by introducing you to money-saving strategies. And, at least here at Distinct, we can do all that within your budget.

Small Business Marketing Challenge 3: No Visibility

Visibility is pretty important in marketing. How can people visit your store if they don't know it exists? But in small business marketing, getting seen can be difficult.

Word of mouth might only reach a small segment of your target audience. Newspaper ads might only get the word out about your business to your local neighborhoods, and only to those few people left who actually read the paper.

The solution to this small business marketing challenge is to adopt strategies that have a wider reach. Namely, you need some digital strategies.

Plus, you need to use these digital strategies effectively. If your website only shows up on page 3 of the search results, for example, you might actually be better off with that newspaper ad.

However, once you get seen online, you are more likely to be seen by the people who will want to check out your store. Finding the right strategies, and using them well, is key.

Here at Distinct Web Design, we specialize in helping small businesses solve their small business marketing challenges. We offer customized digital marketing solutions, and we offer them within your budget. You might be surprised at how far a little bit of money can go when you use it strategically.

The next time you face a small business marketing challenge, let us know. We have the answer for you.

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