The Importance of Working with a Google Partner

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Distinct Web Design is pleased to announce that we have become a Google Partner. Besides a cool looking badge on our website, what does that mean for you? There is a whole slew of advantages you receive when you choose to work with a Google Partner. Here are just some of them.

A Google Partner possesses certified Google Ads expertise.

Not just anyone can become a Google Ads Partner. To earn the designation, a business must have at least one staff member who has undergone training by Google and demonstrated expertise with Google Ads. In addition, the business must have spent over $10,000 on Google Ads within the last 90 days.

Those requirements add up to one thing: Demonstrated and certified expertise with Google Ads. That is expertise that you enjoy access to when you work with a Google Partner on your own Ads campaign.

 A Google Partner is always up to date on Google Ads.

Google Ads is always changing, so you need someone who is not only up to date on current practices but also able to stay current with changes to the program.

That is where working with a Google Partner becomes even more advantageous. These businesses are required by Google to stay current on changes to the program, using training provided directly by Google, so they can always offer you the most recent and useful advice for running your own campaign.


A Google Partner provides superior customer service.

Superior customer service is one of Google’s goals, and they require their partners to demonstrate the same quality of service to their clients. That means that when you work with a Google Partner like Distinct Web Design, you enjoy superior responsiveness and support for all your Google Ads needs.


A Google Partner has access to beta features.

Google also occasionally develops beta features intended to improve the quality of Google Ads and to improve users’ experience.

Google Partners receive access to these features before anyone else. When you work with a Google Partner, you also get to try out these beta features. And that just might give you an edge over the competition.


A Google Partner has direct access to Google.

Finally, it is important to work with a Google Partner because your Partner will have direct access to Google. Each Partner enjoys a representative who they can contact at any time without waiting in phone queues. And that means faster service and answers to your questions. Time is money, after all, and the faster you can get your questions and problems resolved, the faster you can get back to running an effective Google Ads campaign.

All of these advantages combined to make it easier for you to run an effective campaign. Your Partner’s up-to-date expertise means that your campaign always uses proven best practices, for example, while access to incredible customer service, Google, and sweet new beta features helps you to run a more informed, and effective, campaign.


So now that we are a Google Partner, you have one more reason to choose Distinct Web Design for your digital marketing campaign. Let us show you how our expertise in Google Ads (and all things digital marketing) can make a difference for your business.



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