4 Tips to Improve Your Google AdWords Click Through Rate

One of the most important metrics for any Google AdWords campaign is the click through rate (CTR). Defined as the number of clicks your ad receives, divided by the number of times it is seen (otherwise known as impressions), CTR tells you how much interest your ad is generating. A strong CTR of 1 percent or above is an indication that your ad is working as you want it to in order to reach your target audience.

However, if you find that your CTR is less than 1 percent, or is declining, or if you simply want to make even more progress with your Google AdWords campaign, there are a few strategies you can try. Here are four easy-to-use tips for improving the CTR of your AdWords ads.

Tip 1: Create compelling headlines.

The first thing people will see in your Google AdWords ads is the headline, so make it count. How? Start by including your main keyword right in the headline so people know what your ad (and your business) is about.

However, strategic keyword placement is not enough. You also need to pique their interest with copy that shows them you understand and can respond to their pain points. For example, ask a question (“Tired of mass-produced jewelry?”); offer a deal (“30 percent off engagement rings”), or incorporate symbols to make your headline stand out.

Tip 2: Use strong copy in your Google AdWords ads.

Despite the effectiveness of a strong headline, most of the impression you will make on your audience is going to be with your ad copy. Once people get past the headline, they will be looking for more evidence that your site offers what they need.

To that end, you must also create compelling ad copy. And yes, using keywords is part of writing Google AdWords copy that earns you click throughs. However, you should also use strong, clear language that encourages visitors to take action.

For example, include a strong call to action (“Buy now”) that tells the reader exactly what to do next. In addition, use power words. These are words that catch people's attention, like “free,” “expert,” “proven,” etc. When you can offer, for example, “expert advice on diamond selection,” you stand out, and increase your chances of earning a click through.

Of course, you should always use power words, keywords, and calls to action within the context of well written copy that demonstrates an understanding of your target audience's needs and your company's ability to meet them. With great copy, readers will be happy to click through to your landing page and learn more about your business.

Tip 3: Use Google AdWords extensions.

Did you know that you can add a variety of text features to your Google AdWords ads? Called extensions, these features can have a positive impact on your CTR.

For example, extensions can allow you to add contact information, location information, text snippets, and more to your ad as a way to appeal to readers.

Not every extension may be possible or desirable for your Google AdWords ad. However, a Google Partner (like Distinct Web Design) can help you identify and implement the ones that will work best for your business and appeal to your target audiences so you can earn more click throughs for your ads.

Tip 4: Use your main keyword in your Google Adwords' ad URL.

Every Google AdWords ad you have will include a URL that is visible to readers. This URL can be used to build trust (and therefore click throughs) with your target audience if you place your main keyword in the URL.

The presence of this keyword can be reassuring to your audiences because it tells them that your site is directly related to the information they are looking for. As a result, including it can make them more confident in, you guessed it, clicking through to your landing page.

Google AdWords ads can yield a higher CTR with the right approach. If you create strong headlines, write strong copy, use extensions, and place your main keyword in the URL, you can encourage people to click through to learn more. If you need help creating and launching an effective Google AdWords campaign, consider hiring Distinct Web Design. We are a Google Partner with certified expertise in Google AdWords, and we can maximize the effectiveness and profitability of your next campaign.

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