When to Update Your AdWords Campaign: 3 Signs

So you have started up a Google AdWords campaign. Congratulations! Your business is on the way to enjoying greater online visibility without spending exorbitant marketing dollars.

However, do you know how to track the success of your AdWords campaign? And, more importantly, do you know how to recognize when your campaign might need a little bit of help? Here is a look at some of the signs that all is not well with your AdWords campaign.

AdWords Campaign Warning Sign 1: Low Click Through Rate

Your click through rate (CTR) refers to the percentage of people who click on your ad to get to your landing page. The higher the CTR, the more successful your AdWords campaign is.

CTR, however, can also indicate a problem with your AdWords campaign. Since factors such as the keywords used in the copy, the language used in the ad, and more, can influence whether or not someone decides to click on your ad, a low CTR is a sign that something is wrong with your campaign.

So what is a low CTR? According to Google, for a search campaign, where you are trying to target people looking for information on certain search terms, the CTR should be anywhere from .75 to 1 percent.

As a result, if your AdWords campaign is yielding a CTR of less than .75 percent, you may need to tweak your approach, either by changing your ads, your keywords, your targeting, or something else. Identifying the exact problem and finding solutions may require the expertise of a Google Partner like Distinct Web Design. We know Google AdWords inside and out and can quickly help you locate and fix the source of the low CTR problem so you can begin making stronger profits from your campaign.

AdWords Campaign Warning Sign 2: Reduction in Metrics

Of course, you can also pick up on potential problems in your AdWords campaign by noticing how your particular metrics trend (you are tracking your metrics, right?).

For example, say an AdWords campaign, or a particular ad, has a CTR of 1.5 percent. Your campaign is doing great! However, say that over the course of three or four days, it starts to deliver a CTR of 1 percent. You are still within Google's suggested metrics, but you are seeing a pretty sharp decline in the performance of this campaign.

Other metrics to watch include things like your conversion rate and how each ad is impacting your overall budget. If you start to notice problems, it might be time to evaluate your AdWords campaign and potentially make some changes. Maybe the best keywords to use are changing or maybe your copy needs a refresh. Whatever the issue, declining performance is a sign that some investigation is needed.

However, try not to panic at the first dip in your numbers. Small variations are normal. Instead, focus on issues that are persistent over the course of at least three days. And then seek out the help you need to identify and fix the underlying problem.

AdWords Campaign Warning Sign 3: Problems With Keywords

Finally, your AdWords campaign may be in trouble if you begin to have issues with your search terms. For example, you should be able to see which search terms are associated with your ads, that is, which searches yield your company's advertisements. If you find that these search terms match the terms that are most relevant for your business and for your target audience, then you are doing well.

If, however, you find that your ads are appearing in searches that seem irrelevant to your business or target audience, you may need to revisit the keywords you are using in your AdWords campaign. It is possible that changing your keywords will help you show up in more relevant searches and, as a result, enjoy greater performance from your ads.

Problems with your budget might also indicate problems with your keywords. For example, you may find that you are spending lots of money without having a strong CTR, impressions, or conversion rate to justify the expenditure. In these cases, it is possible that your keywords are too competitive, not common enough to yield enough impressions, or otherwise a poor fit for your AdWords campaign.

Whenever you see signs of potential problems with your AdWords campaign, you would be wise to seek out professional support in identifying and correcting the problem. In fact, the right AdWords Partner, such as a Google AdWords expert like Distinct, can help you avoid problems by helping you put together a strong campaign to begin with. And that can mean more profits with less expenditure: Definitely a small business win.