About Our Work

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team consists of three graduates of DePauw University, two Posse Scholars (From Chicago and New York City), one Indiana native (from Farmersburg), two members of Phi Delta Theta, and three residents of Greencastle, Indiana. All members of the team are passionate about helping small businesses and organizations achieve success in social media marketing.

Our team members have a variety of professional experience. This experience includes sales experience, software development and IT consulting, consulting for a Fortune 500 company, fundraising and alumni engagement, higher education, and advising of fraternities across the Midwest. In addition, our team members have been or are currently involved in a variety of boards and committees. These include Main Street Greencastle, Putnam County 100+ Men Who Care, and the Putnam County Economic Development Commission.

Our leadership team has also spoken at events such as “Uplift- Elevating Diversity in Technology,” and DePauw Philanthropy and Excellence Weekend.

About Distinct

Since our inception, Distinct Web Design has worked with dozens of remarkable small- to medium-sized businesses to help them grow through the use of technology. One thing we’re proud of is sharing these projects with the world and with potential new clients. The year 2016 will be a year of growth for Distinct Web Design and, in order to grow, we need to discuss the good work we’ve done so far.

We are located in Putnam County, allowing us to offer our consulting services to the West Central Indiana area. However, we’ve also had the opportunity to work with clients across the country. Our location in Greencastle, Indiana, allows us to keep our costs down and transfer those savings to our clients. Below, we’ve outlined some of our favorite projects to date.

Web Design

Web design is one of our cornerstone offerings, and most of our clients come to us with web design on their mind. We have created new websites for many clients in Putnam County, West Central Indiana, and even as far west as Los Angeles, California.

Social Media

Effective social media campaigns involve more than posting images and information on a regular basis. Our customers who have allowed us to manage their social media have had noticeable returns on their investments. Recently, one of our clients reached an all time sales record due to our social media campaigns. They said, “Thanks Distinct for a great week of sales during Mother's Day 2016! We had 40 web orders in the 8 days! Loved the exposure you allowed our business through Facebook ads promoting our new website!”

Email Management – Google for Work

For many organizations, email is their portal to success. Having reliable email is important, but taking email to the next level can fundamentally improve your business. Allowing us to implement Google for Work can make your email and cloud storage more efficient and save you time and money in the long run.

Timothy Simons

We created the website for Timothy Simons, HBO actor on the Emmy award winning show VEEP. Tim was once quoted as saying:

“I know precious little about websites outside of that they deliver cat photos. Distinct Web Design made the process of building elevatedtrain.com not only quick and painless, but they were collaborators who made it exactly what I wanted it to be.”

Great Lakes College Association

We’re currently in the process of creating an online portal for the Great Lakes College Association. This portal will host all of the lessons from the art departments of the partner colleges so they can be shared among all the students. We’re looking forward to the completion of this project and to seeing how the students and faculty benefit from this resource.

The City of Greencastle and Putnam County Public Library

There is no greater evidence of a supportive community than having the Mayor of your city trust you with the city’s website. We created the City of Greencastle's website in 2013 and have maintained it ever since. Shortly after launching that site, we agreed to work with the Putnam County Public Library on their website as well. These sites are seen by tens of thousands of viewers each month.

JDH Contracting

One of our largest sites to date is JDH Contracting. JDH is based out of Plainfield, Indiana, but provides their services across the country. They entrusted their site to us before we had much of a portfolio behind us. We’ve been able to grow throughout the building of the JDH website, and they’ve trusted us along the way.

Eitel's Florist

Eitel’s Florist holds a special place in our heart. They’ve given us full control of creating, executing, and improving their eCommerce website. Perfecting the website has been a long and challenging process, but since launching the new online store, we’ve heard nothing but great things from their customers. We’re hoping to kick off some more improvements during the summer of 2016 to take the site to the next level.

We’ve also been able to run advertising campaigns for Eitel's Facebook page in order to drive traffic and increase conversions on their website. Efficiently targeting your audience can save on advertising dollars and increase revenue. Just ask Eitel’s.

Reload Transportation Services

Reload is an intermodal trucking company based in Chicago, Illinois, with offices in Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri. We’ve worked with Reload for the past few years on many projects. For instance, we’ve built them two websites, one for general purposes and one for recruiting new drivers. We’ve worked on social media campaigns to drive engagement and to recruit drivers to their team. We’ve developed their logo as well as a logo for a company they acquired. Most recently, we migrated their entire email system and cloud storage to Google for Work. The migration involved more than a month of planning and an exciting 5-day trip that involved visiting each of their offices.

National Center For College Costs

Over the past year, we’ve developed a relationship with the National Center for College Costs. Initially, we were contracted to maintain their website and database of college cost estimations. However, we quickly found other avenues of partnership. Today, we manage their monthly newsletter, social media, and analytics. We have even participated in “FAFSA Days” where members of our team spend a day at an Indiana high school and advise graduating students on how to complete the FAFSA online

Internal Projects

Even though we’re busy working with our clients, we always find time to continue to innovate internally. In January 2016, we launched GoPutco.com as a community hub for Putnam County, Indiana. GoPutco includes the official community calendar and a local business directory. In addition, we’re currently working to launch our E-Commerce Buy Local platform. This platform will give local businesses and vendors a centralized location to sell their products and services online. Our goal with GoPutco and, specifically, the Buy Local section, is to display the great aspects of Putnam County in one online location.

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