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Better Together: How A Google AdWords Campaign Can Help Your SEO

When it comes to getting your business in front of search engine users, there are two major approaches. The first is search engine optimization, a series of strategies you use to encourage search engines to put your web pages on the first or second page of the search results. The other approach is to use a Google AdWords campaign. This campaign places paid ads at the top of relevant Google search results.

Search engine optimization is very inexpensive. All you pay for is the time and expertise needed to implement and monitor the appropriate strategies. Google Ads are a little pricier, but they tend to get results more quickly.

So which is better? Well, like peanut butter and jelly, they are actually better together. Here is why you might want to consider running a Google AdWords campaign alongside your SEO.

A Google AdWords campaign delivers immediate results.

Your SEO campaign has the potential to be extremely profitable for your business, if you implement it correctly. The downside, though, is that enjoying this success will take some time. SEO is a long game; you need time to optimize your website and your content for search engine recognition. You need time for the search engines to find your site and recognize its awesomeness. And, you need time for people to see your business in it’s new and improved location in the search results and start coming to your website.

All of this can take months to achieve. That means it can be months before you see the fruit of your SEO labor. But what about now? Your business still needs to garner attention, and sales, in the meantime.

This is where a Google AdWords campaign can come in handy. Once you implement the campaign, your ads start appearing in the search results immediately. That means that within days you are seeing increased website visitors and conversions.

As a result, a Google AdWords campaign can deliver results to your business while you are waiting for your SEO campaign to take off. It can fill the gap between implementing and reaping the benefits of SEO and ensure that your business gets attention while you wait.

A Google AdWords campaign increases your exposure.

Even after your SEO campaign takes off, you may want to hang on to that Google AdWords campaign. Sure, your business is starting to appear on the first page of the search results, but you can achieve a greater impact by having it appear twice: Once in the organic results and once in the Google Ads lineup.

Do people really care if they see your ad twice in one place? To answer that question, think about how you choose, say, an electrician. If one person recommends a particular professional, you might consider them alongside a few other options.

However, if two or three people recommend the same electrician, you are much more likely to seriously consider, and hire, them. Likewise, when people see your business in the search results and see a Google AdWords ad about your business at the same time, it has the same effect: They want to learn more about this company they keep hearing about.

A Google AdWords campaign can help with your keyword research.

Keyword research is the backbone of both a Google AdWords campaign and an SEO campaign. Keywords are the search terms your target audience is using that relate to your business. For example, if you run a gardening store, good keywords to use might be “organic mulch near me,” or “upscale gardening center.”

Much of the success of both your SEO and Google AdWords campaigns depends upon choosing the right keywords. And, if you pay attention, your Google AdWords campaign can help direct you to the best keywords for your SEO campaign.

The reason that this is so is because a Google AdWords campaign yields results faster than does an SEO campaign. As a result, you can see which keywords are performing well in your Google AdWords campaign and implement them into your SEO efforts. Alternatively, if you find that certain keywords are not performing well, you can eliminate them from your SEO campaign.

When you use insights gained from your Google AdWords campaign, you can more effectively create a strong SEO campaign for your business.

Google AdWords and SEO are not at odds with each other. Instead, they can work together to create a digital marketing powerhouse. If you want to learn more about how to use Google AdWords to create an awesome online presence, reach out to Distinct Web Design. We are a certified Google Partner and offer you the expertise you need to make the most of this digital marketing tool.

Distinct helps small business owners handle their digital marketing and business systems. Say goodbye to hours wasted doing it yourself and dollars wasted on the wrong person doing it for you. Say hello to the peace of mind that the Distinct Team has things covered.

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