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Business Marketing Ideas for the Bottom of the Funnel

Creating marketing funnels for your business is an integral part of successful business marketing (Don’t know what a

marketing funnel is? Learn about it here). 

Often, the focus of business marketing is on the wide part of the funnel, where people first learn about your business and about the products and services you offer. 

However, successful business marketing focuses on every stage of the funnel, including the bottom. That is where people make the choice to convert. It is where you make your money. 

As a result, devoting some of your business marketing resources to that part of the funnel is a pretty smart move. Here are some ideas for making that part of your funnel more successful. 

Case Studies

The bottom of the marketing funnel isn’t exactly the time to be humble. This is when people are seriously considering your business, and they are ready to purchase. Don’t be obnoxious, but feel free to strut your stuff. You are literally in the business of making customers happy. Prove it with case studies that highlight your company’s prior success. 

For example, what is the most difficult project you have ever completed successfully? What questions do your customers have that your prior experience can answer? Answer that question and show off your expertise with a case study. 

Case studies are an effective bottom of the funnel business marketing strategy because they offer potential consumers a look at your business in action. They also give them a look at satisfied consumers just like them, which adds some third party verification to all of the reasons that they should use you instead of your competitors.

Product Comparisons

Bottom of the funnel business marketing is not  the time to ignore the fact that you have competitors, and that your potential customers know about them. 

Instead, this is the perfect time to show off your distinctiveness as a brand. And that means it is time to introduce product comparisons to your potential customers. 

Product comparisons can take a few different forms. One strategy is to create an infographic. Visual and easy to digest, this format allows people to quickly understand the differences between you and the competition. 

Another approach is to place product comparisons on your product pages. Charts or descriptions showing the differences, and highlighting the advantages of, your products can be powerful ways to convince potential customers to convert. 

No matter what product comparison strategy you choose, focus on delivering visual information that highlights the ways in which your products are unique and better than the competition’s. 

Product Education

At the bottom of the marketing funnel, potential customers should have a pretty clear understanding of your business. They wouldn’t be contemplating a conversion otherwise.  What they lack, however, may be in-depth information about your products, services, and industry issues. They may have specific questions they need to have answered before they convert.

To meet this need, develop business marketing strategies that address these questions.  These educational materials can take several forms. 

For example, blog posts are an excellent choice at almost any stage of the marketing funnel. In order to use your blog to best effect, you should write blogs for every stage of the marketing funnel. 

Blogs that are used for bottom of the funnel business marketing should address questions and issues that readers need to have resolved before they buy. You may, for instance, create a blog discussing a recent recall of a product you sell, or discussing your reasons for switching suppliers for another item.

Other educational materials to consider using in your bottom of the funnel business marketing include webinars, podcasts, and white papers. Because people are so far into the marketing funnel at this point, you can and should provide in-depth material. At the same time, this material should be easily digestible and engaging so as to keep visitors’ attention.

Business marketing at the bottom of the marketing funnel involves slightly different content than marketing at the top of the funnel. When speaking with people who are about to convert, you need to provide case studies, product comparisons, and educational resources. 

If you want help developing business marketing at the bottom of the funnel, reach out to Distinct Web Design. We can offer you assistance in developing effective digital marketing for the entire marketing funnel so your online presence can earn you the business you need.  

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