Celebrate the Holidays with These Online Ads Tips

The holidays are fast approaching and with them a unique opportunity to earn money for your small business. With consumers having spent at least $1 billion a day between November 1 and December 31 last year, we are pretty sure your small business can enjoy some big profits with the right planning. Here are a few tips for creating online ads that will really make the holidays worth celebrating.

Add holiday-focused keywords to your online ads.  

Tell customers that you are ready for the holidays by adding holiday-themed keywords to your online ads. What does this mean? Talk about Christmas, holidays, Hanukkah, and related terms. If you can combine these terms with other eye-catching topics, like free shipping and gift wrap, you might be even more successful at getting potential customers to pay attention to what you have to offer.

If you want to make even more headway with the copy in your online ads, hire a digital marketing agency (like Distinct Web Design) to help you write material that will directly appeal to your target audience and use the language most likely to get their attention. We can help you research the terms your target audience will be looking for, and write copy that will make them eager to click through to your website.

Promote holiday sales through your online ads.

You do have holiday sales and promotions planned, right? Because if not, we recommend you come up with some quickly. People expect to find the holiday spirit reflected in the deals you offer. If you can make those deals stand out even more by adding unique elements, like a philanthropic twist, you can earn even more of their goodwill and attention (and their dollars).

Once you have your holiday deals in place, you need to promote them through your online ads. Are you offering free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount? Are you sending a Christmas meal to a family in need for every hundred dollars spent with your business in December? Then make sure those promotions show up in your online ads. The only thing your customers will like better than finding the right things to buy is saving some money or changing some lives in the process.

Do not forget to give your online ads a holiday feel.

Deck your online ads with some virtual holly this year. It is a festive season, and people want to know that you are in the holiday spirit. Show, don't just tell, them that you are ready to offer some seasonal sales by using festive holiday images on your online ads. For example, replace your standard Facebook ad images with seasonal pictures. Add a little bit of greenery to your product images. You can even use festive fonts to communicate the fact that your ads are relevant to the holiday shopping your target audience is trying to accomplish.

With the holiday season upon us, it is time to make your online ads as festive as the rest of the Internet. Consider hiring a digital marketing agency like Distinct to help you create the look and feel you need to profit from the upcoming holiday sales. When you use the right keywords, promote your holiday sales, and give your ads a holiday feel, you will be well on your way to enjoying the most profitable season of all.