Google AdWords Campaign: Targeting Tips Google AdWords is a great tool for small businesses looking to improve their digital marketing strategy. Low cost but effective, the placement of ads for your business at the top of the search results is an effective way to quickly get your products and services in front of your target audiences.

Another reason an AdWords campaign benefits small businesses is because it allows these companies to target specific locations and demographics. As a result, AdWords makes it easy to ensure that you only pay for ads that are reaching the people you want to reach.

Successfully targeting your ads, however, requires a little bit of skill. Here are a few tips for getting started on successfully targeting your AdWords campaign.

Focus on geographic areas that perform well in your AdWords campaign.

When you first launch your AdWords campaign, you will likely choose areas to target that are relevant to your business. For example, you may opt to have your ad show up for areas where you distribute your products, as well as your local town or state.

If you are using an effective AdWords professional (such as a Google Partner like Distinct Web Design), however, you should also begin tracking the success of your ads in each area. Over time, you should be able to see which areas are delivering more click throughs and conversions.

Once that information begins to come in, you would be wise to tweak your AdWords campaigns based on which areas are performing the best. For example, say you sell products in Indianapolis, but you aren't getting many results from your campaign targeted to that city. You may want to redirect your resources toward another city, like Greencastle, where you are getting strong results from your AdWords campaign.

Go beyond geographic regions to include demographic groups.

Geography is a good starting place for targeting your AdWords campaigns. However, the beauty of AdWords is the ability it gives you to target at an even more detailed level. In particular, you may want to consider targeting by demographic groups in addition to geographic groups.

There are a wide variety of demographic groups from which you can choose. For example, you can select from features such as age, gender, I come level, education level, even whether they are married or are homeowners.

With the right combination of geographic and demographic targeting, you can tailor your AdWords campaigns to the specific audiences who will be most interested in your products and services. And, with targeting, you can create separate campaigns to reach each audience you are interested in. That kind of granularity improves your overall performance so you can get the most out of each campaign.

Use the radius function to create more narrow segments for AdWords campaign targeting.

You may already know that Google AdWords allows you to target your campaigns to specific countries, states, and cities. What you may not know, however, is that you can also create AdWords campaigns that are based on a certain radius around a geographic area.

For example, say you want to target one of your campaigns to the Greencastle area. However, if you don't want to limit your campaign to just Greencastle proper, you can use the radius function of AdWords to expand the area as far as you want. You may want to set your campaign to 70 or 100 miles around Greencastle.

Don't neglect other types of AdWords campaign targeting.

Geographic and demographic targeting are not the only types of targeting available for your Google AdWords campaigns. Instead, AdWords offers a number of other options for narrowing down the audiences who see your ads. Focusing on geographic or demographic targeting to the exclusion of these other options can detract from the overall effectiveness of of your campaign.

Instead, work with your Google Partner to take full advantage of the targeting options available to you for your AdWords campaigns. Examples of the kind of targeting you may want to consider are remarketing to previous customers, targeting certain websites, and even targeting certain topics.

If you want a more effective AdWords campaign, consider using targeting to achieve your goals. With a focus on geographic areas that are performing well, demographic groups, the radius function, and other types of targeting, you should be able to build a strong campaign for your business.

If you need a strong Google Partner to help you achieve the business marketing you need, do not hesitate to reach out to Distinct Web Design. We can offer you many advantages for your AdWords campaigns, as well as web design and digital marketing strategies to help your online presence thrive.

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