How can Distinct be so much more affordable?

Simply put – we cut the fluff, automate where appropriate, and focus on a narrow scope of work.

You may not notice this at first, but our Core Values (below) all help us save you money.

When we all listen to each other we understand each other faster.

When we treat our time as a valuable asset we waste less time. 

When we keep it simple we save time.

When we trust each other we don't waste time trying to convince each other.

Being kind is just valuable. 

We cut costs, but not corners, to ensure high quality and low investment. 


We, as an organization, practice the art of listening above all else. When we listen to each other we’re able to uncover real problems and implement real solutions. We ask that you also practice the art of listening while working with our team.

Time is Money:

We will always respect your time, do our best to deliver on time, and never waste your time. We expect this to be a two way street in order to ensure a successful relationship.

Keep it simple:

Many marketers want to throw acronyms and buzzwords at you to show how knowledgeable they are. We prefer to prove that with results. We’re committed to providing you with necessary information through standard language and will never use unnecessary fluff as a means of impressing you.

Trust Like Family:

To have a successful partnership we need to trust each other. Trust is earned and we recognize it will take time. However, once we trust each other like family our relationship will begin to thrive.

Be kind: 

Life is too short to work with people who are unkind. We strive to also ensure your interactions with our team are the bright spot of each day. We ask that you also practice being kind with our team members.

Cut costs, not corners:

We will never cut corners.  We can only be successful in our mission if we can be affordable for the clients who need us most. Because of this we take measures to cut costs wherever we can, but we will never sacrifice quality of work.

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