How Much Does a Website Cost in Terre Haute, Indiana?

Website costs vary, but you should be able to get a website built for less than the average in Terre Haute, Indiana. Hiring a local web design and development company can also provide you with other benefits.

Before you commit to a major website development project, you need to know about how much you will pay. 

Prices vary among companies, however, and they vary depending upon your location too. This means that you could pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars (For a small website you build yourself using a template) to more than $10,000 for a large, professionally-created site. 

If you are a small business looking to build a website of between 5 and 25 pages, you can expect to pay an average of $2,000-$6,000. 

The good news, however, is that in Terre Haute, IN, you are likely to pay less than the average, thanks to the presence of web design and development companies that are devoted to supporting small businesses. Some of the businesses in this area offer their services for between $1,000 and $2,000. 

Terre Haute Website Developers

Choosing a Terre Haute website developer can save you money on your web design, but that isn't the only reason to choose a local business to help you build your website. These businesses deliver other advantages, such as personalized attention, simplicity of communication, and local expertise. 

Here are some of Terre Haute's leading website designers and developers:

  • Distinct
  • Wabash Design Co. 
  • NovaStar Design

Enjoy some of the following benefits from these website developers:

Personalized Designs

You know your business is like no other. With one of Terre Haute's website developers, you can showcase your unique differences with a clear and compelling brand. These companies create customized designs that meet your business needs and capture your brand in a beautiful way. 

Additional Services

Your small business websites may require more than just design and development. Terre Haute website developers often provide additional services, including copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), analytics tracking, local marketing, graphic design, photography, and more. These extra services often come with additional costs, so inquire about how much they will add to your total package. 

Localized Expertise

Your small business website should be built to cater to your local area. The right Terre Haute web developer will possess knowledge and experience in your area and be able to create a site that is perfectly designed to its needs and audiences. That means that the money you pay a local web developer may get you more personalized services than money you would pay to a national business. 

Distinct: The Web Design Difference

Distinct stands out among Terre Haute web developers. We provide services, and prices, focused specifically on small business. Here is why we stand out: 

Small Business Focus

Distinct exists to make small businesses stand out online. Our approach is carefully designed to meet the needs of small businesses, including taking your budget, needs, and time constraints into consideration. That means that your website is designed specifically for you. 

Services Toolbox

There is no need to choose from packages that may have services you do not want or need. We offer a toolbox of almost 3 dozen services. Simply choose, and pay for, the ones that serve your business the best. These services include web design and web development services, as well as others, such as the following: 

  • SEO
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Copywriting
  • Website Maintenance
  • And More 


We know that small businesses face budget restraints. That is why we offer high-quality, experienced services for reasonable prices. Pay less than the average (or even less than other Terre Haute web developers) without compromising on quality. That is value you can depend on. 

Personalized Support

Here at Distinct, we know your name, your business, and your needs. Get connected with a local marketing advisor. Enjoy advice and support that takes your specific situation into consideration. Form a business relationship that leads to a powerful online presence that gets you the results you need. 

Personalized, affordable, quality web services are available at Distinct. Your Terre Haute, Indiana, business deserve it, so come to Distinct to get the help you need today. 

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