How Facebook Live Video Can Help You Engage Your Audience

Have you heard about Facebook Live? This new feature lets you talk to your audience in real time through videos. Do you know how Facebook Live can help you engage your audience? Through your videos, you can educate, entertain, enlighten, and connect with potential customers in a communal and conversational forum. Did you know that we here at Distinct Web Design can help you make the most of this promising new feature? Below is an overview of Facebook Live video, ideas for how you can use it to engage your audience, and how we here at Distinct Web Design can make your Facebook Live video experience more successful.  

What is Facebook Live video?

Facebook Live is a new feature that makes it possible for anyone on Facebook to create real time videos for their audiences. This means that a college student can show off her new campus to her family. An aspiring comedian can practice his act in front of his friends. And, most importantly for businesses, companies can connect with their potential customers through fun, informative videos.

By choosing the live video icon underneath the status bar, you can instantly choose your audience and go live with your message. While you stream your video, you can see and respond to comments and questions from viewers, creating a conversational feel. Facebook Live allows you to stream a video from a few minutes to an hour and a half at a time.

Once your video is finished, Facebook saves it to your timeline. From there, you can use it however you wish. From tweeting it to sharing it to putting it in blog posts, you can spread the word about your newest video creation.

While Facebook Live is available to anyone on Facebook, it holds enormous potential for businesses. When used correctly, this feature lets you connect with your audience in real time. This means answering their questions, interacting with their comments, and helping them to feel like they are really and truly connected to you. And when they feel connected to you and your business, they are going to visit your website, call your sales line, sign up for your emails, and buy your products and services.

How can you use Facebook Live video to engage your audience?

Part of the reason that Facebook Live is such a great idea for businesses is because there are so many ways you can use it to engage your audience. Here are just a few:

  • Share Tips

Share insights from your experience that help viewers with problems in their lives. For instance, if you are a jeweler, you might use your video to share ways to keep your diamond jewelry clean. If you are a library, you might share tips for finding the right book to read. When your tips help your viewers, they are more likely to think about your business the next time they need something you offer.

  • Teach

Teach your audience how to do something new. For instance, put together a video on how to choose the right diamond. Give viewers a tour of your library. Let your expertise shine through. Viewers will begin to trust that expertise whenever they have a question or a need in your field.

  • Broadcast Live Events

While not everyone can make it to your live event, your Facebook followers might like to watch it online. When you welcome your audience into events like product launches and conferences, you let them know that they matter.

  • Host Interviews

Do you have someone at your business who has something really useful to say to your audience? Can you get someone well-known in your field to sit down and answer a few questions? If you use the interview to discuss topics that your audience thinks are useful, your Facebook Live video can quickly earn your business more attention and respect.

  • Entertain

Just because you are a business doesn't mean you have to be serious all the time. If it fits with your brand, never be afraid to use your Facebook Live video to entertain. Entertainment keeps viewers connected with and interested in your business.

  • Tell Inspirational Stories

Does your business make a difference in other people's lives? Do you support a charity or nonprofit organization? How have your products and services changed people? Take these stories and tell them over Facebook Live. People want to buy from a business that is doing good.

How can we help you use Facebook Live video?

Just as you need a strategic social media campaign in order to make the most of social media, so you need a strategic approach to Facebook Live in order to successfully use it to engage with your audience. I and my colleagues here at Distinct Web Design can help you make the most of Facebook Live video.

For instance, we can train you to use this feature. From teaching you what goes into a successful video to sharing tips on building interest in your videos to showing you how to maintain an appealing video presence, we can help you create the highest quality Facebook Live video possible.

We don't stop at training, though. We can also collaborate with you to create a strategic plan for your Facebook Live videos. We will share tips and tricks with you for getting your audience to pay attention to your videos, and we will help you brainstorm unique ways to use this feature to engage with your audience. By contacting Distinct Consulting, you can start to enjoy all the advantages that Facebook Live video has to offer your business.