How to Make Friends and Influence People (With Online Ads)

Dale Carnegie's classic How to Win Friends and Influence People may have been impacting people's interpersonal relationships for more than 70 years, but it's not a bad description of your digital marketing goals today. Winning friends for your business and influencing people to buy from you are at the heart of earning those profits your business needs to thrive.

Achieving these goals can prove to be a little bit tricky, though. With about a billion (nope, not an exaggeration) websites occupying the World Wide Web, you need to be pretty outstanding to get noticed. 

Fortunately, there is a way to make friends and influence people digitally: Through online ads. The right ads at the right time can get your business in front of potential customers. Here is how.

Create organic online ads.

Organic search results are those that show up in the search engine results pages (SERPs). They aren't paid for, like banner ads. They don't pop up annoyingly, like pop up ads. They sit helpfully alongside other search results, where they offer users answers to their search queries. 

As such, users really, really like them. In fact, up to 80 percent of Internet users focus only on these search results instead of on the paid ads that appear elsewhere on the Internet.

If you want online ads that work, then, they need to be organic. Now, you can (and should) adopt search engine optimization (SEO) practices that can move your web pages into more visible spots in the search results. However, you can (and should) create online ads too.

Think Google Ads.

You can create online ads that fit organically into users' online experiences. You just need the right approach. And that approach is almost always going to include starting up a Google AdWords campaign.

Google AdWords make ideal organic online ads because they appear alongside the organic search results. Unlike banner ads, they blend in with the organic results.

In addition, Google Ads are a great approach to online ads because they cater to what your target audience wants. Each ad is related to the keywords users entered to get to the SERPs. As a result, users are much more likely to click on those ads because they see that those ads are actually useful to them. 

But don't forget to adopt other organic online ads.

If you want successful online ads, though, don't stop at Google Ads. There is a whole world of online ads out there that you should also take advantage of. 

For example, Facebook ads allow you to target the people who would be interested in your products and services in a way that is natural and way less annoying than banner ads. Other types of social media marketing also give you a natural way to reach the right audiences with your online ads.

Of course, there is far more to digital marketing than paying for online ads. However, when you choose to implement online ads, organic is the way to go. These ads will give you a natural way to deliver a targeted message to your target audience.

For a digital marketing campaign that works, reach out to Distinct Web Design. We can help you set up paid and unpaid strategies that can give your business the online presence it needs to thrive.