The 3 Most Common Challenges of Small Business Marketing

Let's face it: Marketing your small business is hard work. From managing tight budgets to fighting for online visibility, earning, and keeping, customers is no walk in the park.

While successfully promoting your business is difficult no matter what the size, there are certain challenges that face small business marketing in particular. Understanding these challenges, and how digital marketing can help, can, however, make it a little easier to deal with them.

Small Business Marketing Challenge 1: Gaining Visibility

Big name brands and national companies don't have to worry too much about getting seen by their target customers. Typically, they just have to make sure customers like what they see.

The challenge of small business marketing, however, is getting seen in the first place. After all, how do you convince customers you are the best auto repair shop in town when people don't even know you exist?

The key to visibility in today's digital age is to be easily findable online. After all, with the majority of people looking up information online before they enter a brick and mortar store, you need to be online, and on the first page of their search results, if you expect to be seen.

This is one of the places where digital marketing comes in handy. The right approach, led by a professional digital marketing agency (like Distinct Web Design), can lead to a compelling website that is easily findable in your target audiences' online searches.

Small Business Marketing Challenge 2: Tight Budgets

If you were a big business, you would probably have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to throw at your marketing efforts. But one of the biggest small business marketing challenges is the fact that you don't have an expansive marketing budget. Or maybe you are laughing at the thought of having a marketing budget at all.

Without money, how do you pay to play the marketing game? And if you can't afford to market yourself, how do you earn the aforementioned visibility you need to earn customers?

The key, as you may have guessed, is digital marketing. About as low cost as marketing efforts come, these strategies are also high-impact. For example, a successful social media marketing campaign can connect you to a wide network of individuals who can spread the word about your brand and deliver leads and sales you would have missed out on otherwise.

Small Business Marketing Challenge 3: Lack of Expertise

The old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” should not apply to small business owners. Ideally, you will devote your time to the things that you excel at: Developing incredible products and services for your target audiences.

Unfortunately, due to necessity, one of the small business marketing challenges many face is the need to practice marketing without the expertise needed to do it well. And that can translate into ineffective marketing efforts, wasted dollars, and less time spent building your business in the ways only you can do.

Digital marketing can help you to overcome this small business marketing challenge if you hire a digital marketing business. These professionals can save you money in the long run while creating an effective campaign that saves you time and effort. They use their expertise to develop a campaign that works, while you save your time and energy for continuing to grow a thriving business that will appeal to your target audiences.

Small business marketing challenges are not insurmountable. In fact, the right digital marketing campaign, headed up by a professional digital marketing agency, can solve many of your marketing problems. If you are ready to thrive in the marketing world, reach out to Distinct Web Design. We have years of experience helping small businesses just like you create and profit from a strong online presence.

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