Eye-Opening Small Business Marketing Statistics

We're sure you have heard it before: Small business marketing is critical to your business' success. But what impact does small business marketing really have? Are we talking miniscule improvements in your conversion rates and ROI? Or differences in your metrics that could actually translate into more profits?

You might be happily surprised at the answer. But we won't do the convincing ourselves. Instead, here are some statistics related to small business marketing that will open your eyes to the impact a strategic approach can make.

88 percent of people are turned off by negative website experiences.

If you think that a quick DIY website is enough to get your small business marketing campaign off the ground, you might want to think again. The reality is that website experiences count for a LOT among your potential customers, so much so that 88 percent of them will reconsider coming back to your site after just one negative experience. If that isn't enough to get you looking for a professional website developer (like Distinct!) then keep reading.

70-80 percent of people look up businesses online first.

Small business marketing is often all about moving your advertising methods from word of mouth to digital marketing avenues. And the fact that up to 80 percent of people look a business up online first before visiting it should be all the proof you need that these digital marketing strategies are important. If potential customers look you up online, make sure they can find you with small business marketing that puts your company front and center.

Half of small businesses spend less than 2 hours a week on marketing.

What do you spend more than two hours a week on? Commuting? Shooting the breeze? Playing on your phone? These activities have zero impact on your business or your bottom line, but you spend more time on them than almost half of small businesses spend on marketing. In other words, many small businesses are failing to devote meaningful time to promoting themselves throughout the week. We get it: You have a million other things to do. So find someone, like Distinct, who can devote the right amount of time to making sure your business is properly seen and appreciated.

About a quarter of small businesses spend less than an hour on social media marketing a week.

About 27 percent of small businesses devote an hour or less a week to social media marketing. You probably spend more time every week cultivating your own personal social media presence.

Unfortunately, an hour (or less) a week is never going to earn you the social media presence your small business needs to thrive. Developing and maintaining a thriving social media campaign requires consistent implementation. It's time to make time for social media marketing.

90 percent of people have not committed to a brand when starting their online searches.

If you think you can't compete against bigger brands, think again. Almost all people who conduct searches online admit to not having a specific brand in mind when they start their search. That leaves you with an ideal situation: A blank slate. If you can get your brand, however small, in front of your target audience, you definitely have a chance of winning them away from the bigger brands. The secret to getting seen? You guessed it: Small business marketing.

Many small businesses are not putting their money where their mouth is.

Finally, small businesses seem to understand how important online marketing is. Up to 75 percent of them acknowledge that digital marketing is important and effective. However, 55 percent of them devote less than 20 percent of their budget to online marketing. If your small business is going to enjoy the potential of online marketing, you need to invest in your online presence. Fortunately, we know how to offer an effective campaign that remains affordable.

These are just a few statistics that emphasize the importance of small business marketing. If they have your attention, reach out to Distinct Web Dealing for help creating a small business marketing plan that works for you. Why? Because the numbers don't lie, and effective marketing can truly make a difference for your business.

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