How Much Does Local Marketing Cost?

Local marketing costs can vary based on how you choose to go about your local marketing and what tools you use. Distinct offers a uniquely personal and cost-effective solution specifically designed for small businesses.

Budgeting for your local marketing campaign is important, but it isn't as simple as adding a line item to your monthly ledgers. 

Local marketing costs vary widely (From $0 to $1,000s a month) and depend upon a number of factors. 

While no one can tell you exactly how much to spend on your local marketing, you can still evaluate the right amount to spend on your business. 

Know which local marketing alternative you prefer. 

Part of what affects your local marketing costs is the type of local marketing you choose. You have four options:

Do your own local marketing.

You can potentially save a significant amount of money on local marketing costs if you do your own marketing. 

Thanks to the free or very inexpensive nature of many local marketing tools and platforms (such as social media), your primary investment in this case would be time. 

Just be aware of the potential downsides to this approach:

  • Loss of time for other business pursuits 
  • Lack of expert strategy

Price Range: $0 – $300 a month

Choose an automated local marketing partner.

Another cost effective way to pursue local marketing is to use automated tools, like Synup or Yext, to update online directories for you automatically. 

These services keep your online information consistent and updated for less than $10 a month. 

Just know when you use these automated tools you miss out on the following:

  • Personalized support
  • Additional local marketing strategies

Price Range: $129-$499 per year

Hire a local marketing partner.

Hiring a local marketing partner is a little more expensive but will also yield the best results for your campaign. Consider the following advantages:

  • Personalized strategy and support
  • Expert insights
  • Customized packages to control costs
  • Saved time for you
  • Access to analytics
  • And more

Price range:$1,000-$3000 a month

Hire an in-house marketer

The most expensive option for local marketing is to hire an in-house marketer. This option allows you to have full-time dedicated support for your marketing efforts, without taking time and energy away from other important business pursuits. 

However, consider these downsides to this alternative: 

  • Expensive option for most small businesses
  • Services may not be necessary on a full-time basis

Price Range: $50,000-$100,000 a year

Local Marketing Price Ranges

A number of factors drive the varying costs of local marketing. 


The more competition your business faces, the more you will have to spend in order to differentiate your business. 

Business Size

The more you have to promote about your business, the more you can expect to spend. Consider these elements of your business when budgeting for your local marketing: 

  • Products and Services
  • Locations
  • Current Brand Awareness
  • Events and Promotions

Annual Revenue

You can spend almost as much money as you want on local marketing. Choosing the price range that will work for your business is critical so you only pay what you can afford. 

One of the most important factors that should drive the cost of your local marketing campaign is the amount of money your business brings in. 

Businesses just starting out will need to budget a little more up front to get their name out in the community. A good rule of thumb is to budget 12-20 percent of annual revenue in local marketing in this case. 

Businesses that already have an established community presence, on the other hand, can spend a little less, about 6-12 percent of annual revenue. 

These percentages are not hard and fast rules but will help you to settle on a budget that allows for a strong local presence without breaking the bank. 

Chosen Strategy

Finally, your local marketing costs will depend heavily on the approach you take and the local marketing strategies you adopt. 

For example, taking out large paid advertisements on local television or radio will cost your business a significant amount of money, while a small Facebook campaign could cost you nothing but time. 

Hiring a marketing partner will cost more than doing the work yourself, but will almost certainly deliver a more effective campaign in the long run. 

Distinct: The Local Marketing Difference

Here at Distinct, we want to offer you the advantages of hiring a local marketing partner at a price that your small business can afford. That is why we have crafted a different approach.

Customized Packages

Customize the local marketing tools you choose to your business and budget. You can do everything from copywriting to social media and search marketing, or simply hire us to maintain your website and business directories. 

Update your blog twice a month or once a quarter. Custom build a site for each business location, or ask us to manage your social media accounts. 

With a customized approach, you only pay for what you need. That keeps your costs down while allowing you to target the most effective tools and strategies for your business. 

Low Costs

Here at Distinct, we care about small businesses and we understand the budgetary challenges they face. That is why all of our local marketing services are designed to cost less than comparative services through other agencies. 

At the same time, we never compromise on quality. That means we deliver a value you won't find anywhere else.

Personalized Support

At the heart of what we do here at Distinct is build relationships that allow us to craft truly personalized marketing campaigns. 

When you reach out to us, we connect you with a local marketing advisor who has experience in your area and with whom you can create a direct, personal, and effective relationship.

The cost of local marketing varies, but you can take control of how much you spend. Allow our customized, personalized, and cost-effective solutions to help. 

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