How Your Web Design Company Can Help You Spring Clean Your Website

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You may not be in the habit of deep cleaning your window sills and washing your walls the way your mother used to every spring, but spring cleaning should still be on your to-do list. Even if your house doesn’t receive a refresh every year, your small business website needs a thorough going over at least annually to ensure that it looks good and functions smoothly for all those people coming to it from your digital marketing campaign (You have one of those, right?).

Lucky for you, the drudgery of spring cleaning doesn’t have to all fall on you. With a web design company like Distinct by your side, you can easily accomplish these to-dos and keep your website looking great for another year. Here are just a few of the ways in which your web design company can help you freshen up your website for the spring.

Your web design company can help you update your information.

There are many pieces of information on your site that will quickly grow outdated if you do not keep up with them. For example, a calendar of events, policy pages, statistics on your About Us page, biographical details, team members, contact information, news articles, and even copyrights all quickly grow stale if you ignore them.

Ideally, you will make changes to these areas of your website as soon as they occur, but we know how life is. Things fall through the cracks, and updating your client numbers or news section isn’t always on the top of your list.

That is why, at least once a year, you should go through your site and make these little changes. Your customers will thank you for having up to date information online, and your web design company can easily implement the changes you identify to save you the time.

Your web design company can help you ensure that all parts of your website work.

The law of entropy applies to websites as much as to any other part of life. Eventually, links die, pages break, and forms stop submitting. In order to keep your website working smoothly, you need to check its overall functionality at least once a year. Here is a list of the items you particularly need to pay attention to:

  • Links
  • Broken Pages
  • Forms
  • Surveys
  • Registrations and Sign Ups
  • Blog Comments
  • Checkout Process
  • Mobile Responsiveness

Your web design company can not only check all these points of functionality for you, but also implement solutions to fix any problems they identify. If you hire the right web design company (ahem, like Distinct), you may also enjoy more regular inspections that catch problems much sooner than once a year.

Your web design company can create a consistent design.

If you use Times New Roman font on your homepage and Arial font on your product pages, you may not notice, but chances are your customers will. Inconsistent design, whether that be changes in fonts, colors, graphics, themes, language, or more, will send signals to your customers that your business is not  invested in creating a quality experience for its online visitors.

Inconsistencies, however, can easily creep up over the course of a year as you add content, update pages, or create new landing sites. In order to ensure consistency, have your web design company go over your site carefully at least once a year to identify and repair any inconsistencies in its overall design and messaging.

Your web design company can review your analytics with you.

Ideally, you will review your analytics way more than once a year. However, at the very least, make sure you get a bird’s eye view of how your site has performed over the course of the last twelve months. This analysis will help you see whether your site is growing or shrinking, identify whether or not you are reaching your target audience, meeting your conversion goals, or reaching your desired ROI.

Your web design company should be able to provide you with these analytics, and help you to understand them. And, with a digital marketing company like Distinct, they can also help you brainstorm and implement ways to improve your website’s performance over the coming year.

Your web design company can refresh your design.

Finally, while a total website redesign is probably not necessary every year, a few tweaks to your design can go a long way toward keeping your site looking appealing and up to date. That is why part of your spring cleaning routine should be to refresh your design. Look at your graphics: Can they be updated with new images? Look at your product pages: Are there better product images to put up there? Look at your design elements: Are there new elements that you can add, or elements that are not working that you should take out?

This refresh is best done with the help of your web design company. They can see what is working and not working and offer suggestions for changes that will give your site a new look without undermining your branding or messaging.

Your web design company can help your site look great for spring. If you need help doing some spring cleaning on your website, do not hesitate to reach out to Distinct Web Design. We have the skills and the resources you need to implement a fresh and appealing website look.

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