Find the Right One: Qualities of a Great WordPress Developer

The right WordPress developer can do a lot for your website. They can deliver customized features. They can improve your site's security. They can even vet and update themes and plugins so you enjoy a better site with less work. 

The key is to find the right developer, which can feel a lot like dating. You need to look for the qualities, and that certain something, that mean you have found the one for you. As with dating, there are some bad apples out there, but knowing what you are looking for can help you weed them out. Here is a look at some of the qualities that make a really great WordPress developer. 

The right WordPress developer possesses platform-specific expertise.

WordPress is often touted as an easy DIY website solution. However customized use of the platform actually requires technical skill. Before you hire a developer for your WordPress site, you should make sure they possess this expertise. In particular, look for the following skill sets:

  • Knowledge of WordPress' coding languages, including PHP
  • Ability to work with child themes
  • Comprehension of plugins and themes
  • Expertise in CSS and HTML
  • Expertise in JavaScript and MySQL
  • Up to date on WordPress trends
  • Possession of build tools and a control system

In addition, the right WordPress developer will have actually built WordPress sites in the past. If they can present a portfolio of high-quality, successful WordPress projects, then you know it is time for a look at some additional important qualities. 

The right WordPress developer understands platform security.

Hopefully one of the reasons you are searching for a WordPress developer is because you want your site to be secure. While WordPress is generally a secure platform, you must stay on top of security tasks like updating plugins and themes.

The right WordPress developer is both willing and able to implement strong security measures on your website. For example, they should understand how to find safe and reliable themes and plugins. They should be able to update those themes and plugins regularly. They should understand and accommodate your unique security needs. The more secure they make you and your website feel, the more likely they are to be a good fit for your web development needs.

The right WordPress developer does more than handle WordPress.

We did just get done discussing the importance of expertise on the WordPress platform. However, this is your website we are talking about, and you want the complete package. You want, need, and deserve WordPress expertise AND other skills.

What are these other skills? Here are just a few to look for in your WordPress developer. 

  • Web Design-You want your site to look good AND run smoothly. 
  • SEO Expertise-You want your WordPress site to be easily found in the search results. That requires your developer to understand and implement search engine optimization (SEO) while building your site. 
  • Marketing Skills-Your website is only one arm of your marketing strategy. Hire a WordPress developer who can help you with the rest of your digital marketing campaign as well. 

The right WordPress developer communicates clearly.

As in any relationship, communication is key. When you are looking for a WordPress developer, you want to look for one who can clearly communicate with you. 

They should, for example, be able to translate their technical expertise into clear language. They should make sense when you listen to them talk about the plans for your website. Their description of the tasks they are working on should make sense, even if you do not have a web development background.

You should also always know what their plans are. They should explain what they are doing and why they are doing it. They should have a clearly developed plan for your website development. 

Finally, your WordPress developer should always listen to you. Do you have specific needs and concerns? They should understand and accommodate those. Do they fully grasp your brand and website objectives? Are they working within your timeline and budget? A developer who can listen carefully and communicate clearly will make the web development process seamless and transparent for you. 

The right WordPress developer clicks with you.

A WordPress developer with all of the experience and skills you need may still not work if you just do not click with them. Feeling comfortable with your developer is important. 

That level of comfort will allow you to communicate freely with your developer. It will allow you to work effectively together on a website that works. It will also make the entire development process easier and more pleasant. 

Hiring a WordPress developer is a critical step in creating an effective and beautiful WordPress website. In order to find the right one, you should look for someone who possesses technical expertise in WordPress. You should find someone who understands WordPress security and who has skill sets that go beyond WordPress. You should look for someone who communicates effectively and with whom you click. Once you do, you will enjoy both the process and the finished result.

If you need WordPress help, reach out to Distinct Web Design. We deliver expertise and clear communication that can help you craft the perfect WordPress website for your business. 

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