How Much Does Social Media Management Cost?

The amount you pay for social media management depends upon factors such as how many social media networks you use, how many posts a month you require, and more. Choose the manager who can offer you customized services at affordable prices.

Social media is a powerful, and affordable, tool for reaching target audiences. You can set up a business account on any of the major social media platforms for free.

Managing your social media presence, however, will require a financial investment in expert support. Professional management of your accounts can provide you with some distinct benefits, including the following: 

  • Creation of effective posts
  • Prompt responses to your followers
  • Improved loyalty among social media followers
  • Cohesive strategy across platforms
  • Expert advice and guidance
  • Social media ad management
  • High-quality images and graphics
  • Analytics tracking
  • Saved time for you
  • And more

The cost for social media management depends upon the exact services you choose to use. Here is a look at the different services you can purchase, and how much you might expect to pay for them. 

Number of Social Media Platforms

You can choose to create and run a business account on any of the many social media platforms available. Some of the most popular include the following: 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

The more platforms you choose to use, however, the more you can expect to pay for your social media management. Most social media managers will give you bundles from which to choose so you can select 1, 2, 3 or more social media networks to use and pay one fee for the entire package. 

Number of Monthly Posts

On each social media platform, you can post as often or as infrequently as you wish. However, the more posts you want per month, the more you can expect to pay. Typically, you can choose from a variety of packages, including these most popular post numbers: 

  • 12-15 posts a month
  • 20 posts a month
  • 30 posts a month
  • 40-50 posts a month

Dedicated Account Manager

When you hire a social media manager, chances are that they will handle multiple social media accounts at the same time. 

A manager dedicated only to your account will cost more, sometimes significantly so. However, you will also enjoy personalized attention and prompt responses that could make the added expense a worthwhile one. 

Social Media Advertising

Typically, social media management involves creating posts, monitoring responses, replying to followers, and tracking analytics. However, your manager may also be willing to create and run social media ad campaigns as well. 

If you choose to go this route, you should expect to pay an additional fee on top of your basic social media management package, plus you will need to provide the budget for the ads. 

Plan to spend $200-$400 a month on the ads themselves, plus the fee for the manager to create and run your ad campaigns. 

Package Selection

Most social media management businesses will offer you a variety of packages from which to choose. Packages will consist of combinations of services, each at a specific price point. You can choose the package that fits your needs and your budget. 

Price Ranges: $200-$7,000

Distinct: The Social Media Management Difference

The costs for social media management can accumulate quickly. You can spend thousands of dollars a month just on your social media if you choose. 

Small businesses, however, rarely have unlimited funds to devote to social media. That is where Distinct comes in. We put small businesses first, which means we craft our services with your unique needs, and budgets, in mind. 

Our social media management services come with the Distinct difference: Customizable and low-cost options that you can actually afford. Choose exactly the services you want, at prices that are lower than the average, and build a social media management package that works for you. 

The best part? When you use Distinct, you gain access to a local marketing advisor who personally assists you with finding and implementing the best marketing options, including social media, for your business. 

Low prices. Customizable services. Personalized attention. It is all part of what makes social media management from Distinct affordable and high quality. 

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