Internet Advertising Myths

For new marketers, the world of Internet advertising can be a mysterious one. Unfortunately, that sense of mystery can lead advertisers to believe certain myths. These misconceptions can harm advertisers by leading to unrealistic expectations or a fear of fully embracing Internet advertising.

Here at Distinct Web Design, we want you to be fully informed so you can make the best marketing decisions possible for your business. Here are a few of these myths, and the truth behind them.

Internet Advertising Myth 1: Online ads are intrusive.

Everyone has received junk mail. That annoying piece of paper with its bright but meaningless pictures and text annoys because it requires time and mental space to think about something that does not matter to you. Some advertisers feel as if their Internet advertising is the same: Bright but meaningless digital pleas for attention that will annoy their customers. Small businesses in particular may feel hesitant about adopting an online advertising strategy instead of sticking with their word-of-mouth and more direct advertising attempts.

The reality, however, is that your Internet advertising is as meaningful to your target audience as you make it. No online ad, of course, will ever appeal to everyone who sees it. However, you can create high-quality ads that provide real value to your audiences. The key is to develop ads that meet customers' pain points, provide access to educational resources, and direct to landing pages that are rich with content and calls to action. The right ads can be a useful tool for people looking for the products and services you offer, and rather than feeling annoyed, they may just feel grateful that your ad popped up when it did.

Internet Advertising Myth 2: The same approach works for everyone.

Many advertisers go into Internet advertising believing that there is a single strategy that they should adopt in order to enjoy online success. Sometimes, they contact a digital marketing agency, like Distinct, looking for the formula to solve their Internet advertising needs.

The reality, however, is that Internet advertising, like most marketing strategies, depends upon the business itself. In fact, online marketing consists of many different strategies that can and should be tailored to match the unique needs of each business.

As a result, instead of looking for “the” solution to your online marketing needs, you should hire a digital marketing agency that can help you identify the combination of strategies that will work best for your particular business. This is yet another situation where following the crowd is a bad idea: Find your own Internet advertising groove to maximize your online success.

Internet Advertising  Myth 3: Getting lots of site visitors is sufficient.

There are certain metrics in Internet advertising that advertisers tend to focus on as measures of success. Site traffic is one of them. As long as they are earning increasing numbers of visitors to their site, they feel as if their online marketing approach is working.

However, this perception is only partially true. While lots of site visitors can be a good thing, and is one metric of a healthy website, it is actually what those visitors do on your site that is a better indicator of your Internet advertising success.

You want to attract people to your site who are interested in your products and services. Then, you want to craft a site that encourages them to engage with your business in the desired way (i.e. By making a purchase, signing up for an email programs, etc.). If your metrics show your website visitors doing these things, well and good. If you are seeings lots of people who quickly bounce off your site without taking any concrete action, your small business marketing strategy may need some work.

Internet Advertising Myth 4: It is expensive.

The last thing many small businesses need is another drain on their finances. Tight budgets are part of the small business world, and making those dollars stretch is often at the top of owners' minds. Unfortunately, they often perceive Internet advertising as an expensive proposition, believing that they lack the marketing dollars necessary for an effective campaign.

The reality, however, is that Internet advertising is an affordable way for small businesses to get more exposure for their brand. The ads themselves, such as Google AdWords, often allow you to set your own budget cap, and only charge you when people actually click on your advertisement.

Broader online marketing strategies, such as social media and search engine optimization, are often free to implement, and only require you to pay for the time it takes a professional to work on these approaches. And hiring a digital marketing agency? That can actually save you money.

Don't believe everything you hear about Internet advertising and online marketing. Instead, allow proven professionals to guide you down the path of creating an online presence for your business. While Internet advertising is not the same as junk mail, is not a one-size-fits-all approach, is not simply about increasing website traffic, and is not necessarily expensive, it is a smart way to get your business in front of your target audience. Contact Distinct Web Design today to find out more.