Google Ads

If you have looked into digital marketing, you have probably heard of Google AdWords. This pay-per-click advertising method allows you to pay for ads that appear at the top of the search results for the keywords that you specify.

Why Is Content Important In Digital Marketing?

A sound digital marketing campaign uses a number of strategies to get your business in front of potential customers. Social media marketing, search engine optimization, Google Ads, and more, all work together to create a powerful online presence. At the heart of every single one of these digital marketing strategies is content. The material you …

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How Digital Marketing Companies Can Grow Your Business

As a small business, you have to be a little bit selfish. Creating incredible products and services for your clients should also mean earning some nice profits for yourself. You can’t keep your customers happy if you can’t even keep the proverbial (or literal) lights on, right?

Tips for Creating an AdWords Campaign Landing Page that Converts

If you have decided to create a Google AdWords campaign for your small business, then you have taken the first step toward obtaining affordable, and effective, online exposure for your company. If you haven’t already, consider hiring a Google Partner (like Distinct Web Design) to help you make the most out of your campaign and …

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The Benefits of Multi-Channel Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a bit of a broad term. It refers to a whole group of strategies, all of which take place online (thus the name “digital”). Search engine optimization, website creation, blog writing, landing page development, Google AdWords campaigning, social media marketing, and more all fall under the umbrella of digital marketing.