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The Importance of Strategic Social Media Campaigns

Social media lets you reach many people with news about your business. Without social media, some of these people would never hear about you. If you can use social media well, you can improve awareness of your brand, increase the number of visitors to your website, and earn more money. 

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About Our Work

Our leadership team consists of three graduates of DePauw University, two Posse Scholars (From Chicago and New York City), one Indiana native (from Farmersburg), two members of Phi Delta Theta, and three residents of Greencastle, Indiana.

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Top 10 Problems of Managing Your Own Facebook Advertising

On the surface, Facebook advertising looks straightforward: You simply create and post the ads. If you are a business that has experience in marketing, it may be tempting to undertake your own social media advertising campaign. But the truth is that Facebook advertising requires a level of expertise and strategizing that not all businesses understand.

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