Why Business Owners Need to Hire Professional Marketing Specialists

Digital marketing is far from a trend. In fact, digital marketing is vital in reaching your target audience and getting valuable leads. The go-to move for many business owners is to hire a marketing specialist or a very small in-house team to handle their business’s marketing endeavors. Some business owners forgo any marketing professionals at all and opt to handle those processes on their own. However, this might not be the best idea.

In this quick guide, we’ll dive deep into why marketing professionals are important, why business owners need to outsource their marketing processes, and how Distinct can take on the task with efficiency and ease. First, let’s take a look at why marketing professionals are so necessary.

Are Marketing Professionals Necessary?

Marketing processes and strategies should always be left in the capable hands of marketing specialists. In-house teams may seem like the ideal choice, but there are some pretty substantial risks involved in doing so. In-house teams are extremely expensive, from the hiring process to payroll to insurance. The natural alternative would be to outsource one’s marketing endeavors to a marketing professional or agency.
In a writeup for Hubspot, MD of Huble Digital Singapore Matthew Creswick noted how valuable a marketing agency could be for small businesses.

From lead generation tactics to email workflows, a solid marketing strategy should cater to all stages of the buyer's journey,” Creswick noted in the writeup, “This vital groundwork includes developing buyer personas, mapping campaigns to need states, and identifying growing trends in the market. Outsourcing your marketing strategy to a career specialist means you're enlisting the help of someone whose job it is to keep abreast of industry innovations and new, creative methods of marketing delivery. They will also be able to identify audience demographics that you may not have considered before.

In an interview with Forbes on the value of outsourcing one’s marketing, marketing expert Erik Huberman also had a lot to say about the value of seeking out marketing professionals. Namely, he takes an approach to marketing that is very “do what you’re good at.”

When launching a business, it’s critical to do what you are good at; sticking with your core competency is an absolute must,” said Huberman in the interview, “The benefits [of outsourcing marketing] are endless. The alternative, trying to hire an entire team in-house, can be very expensive and usually doesn't land you the same level of expertise and experience.

Both of these pros are right. Businesses can’t run properly if they don’t have a decent marketing team at work. For many small businesses and startups with little in the way of a budget, some may even have a friend or non-professional be in charge of their marketing campaigns. This could be a catastrophically bad idea– if the person in charge doesn’t understand marketing, how can they efficiently launch a marketing campaign, manage social media, support the company website, etc.?

When it comes down to it, professional marketing is worth the cost. And just as well, that cost can pay for itself in the long wrong if you opt to work with an experienced and talented marketing agency.

Marketing is a vital part of a business’s success, but it’s also the heart of the company itself. The quality of your marketing strategies and results are what will control the direction your business takes. Without marketing, there are no leads, and there are no sales, and there will eventually be no company. Why wouldn’t a business owner want to ensure that aspect of their business is in capable, experienced hands?

Now that we’ve established why it is so important to outsource your marketing, let’s break down why the team at Distinct is the best possible solution for your outsourced marketing needs.

Why The Distinct Team?

One Message Away from Completion

When you need a marketing professional to take on daily requests, our team is on hand and very easy to communicate with.


One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your marketing is that you can submit requests and forget about them. With Distinct, we’ll take on your requests so you can focus on more important aspects of your business that need your unique expertise.

No Headaches

With Distinct, you won’t have to worry about taxes, hiring processes, scheduling, paying for benefits, scheduling time off, and other expensive and time-consuming things commonly associated with hiring an in-house marketing team.


When outsourcing your marketing needs, you don’t want to put your business in the hands of someone who isn’t capable. All of the staff at Distinct are experienced and trained in marketing, and each of us has our own unique skillset and expertise in different fields.


Every business owner wants their company to grow, especially small businesses. Our team is always on standby to take on your marketing needs, so you don’t have to worry about adding resources or lacking enough manpower as your marketing workload grows.

Improves Over Time

The longer we work with you, the better we get to know your brand, needs, wants, and mission. Over time, we’ll be able to build up a database of your preferences and resources to get things done quicker and more efficiently.

What We Do at Distinct:

  • Website Support
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
  • Local SEO
  • Copywriting
  • AI Monitoring
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Social Dashboard
  • Social Discovery

Website Support

Website support is a big part of marketing, and you can’t rely on just any marketer to take on the task of keeping your website in tip-top shape. Our team is full of experienced and trained website designers and developers. We’ll take on the task of addressing your updates, security needs, backups, and overall website health for the purpose of digital marketing. In fact, we offer our clients unlimited website requests and strive to complete those requests in under thirty minutes, every time. An in-house team may not be able to work this quickly.

Graphic Design

Need to update your logos? Perhaps your website graphics are looking a little out of date? Our team of talented and creative graphic designers have years of experience creating visually stunning media for businesses to use for marketing. We’ll build you a new social media header, clean up your website menus, do website edits, and so much more. And of course, our team will also consult you and keep you in the loop. Our goal isn’t to push rigid marketing practices on businesses– rather, our goal is to make your vision a reality, all while offering our unique services.

Social Media

Social media marketing is becoming a massively popular medium for digital marketing. Not only is social media cheap to use, but it’s also a great way to build brand awareness and trust by communicating directly with your target market and existing customers.

The power of social media might actually make it an important task for you to outsource,said Matthew Creswick, “When done correctly, social media can take your brand's reach and visibility to the next level, so you might want to outsource to an agency with proven success in the industry.

Unfortunately, we see many businesses hiring minimum wage or young workers to handle their social media marketing. These people normally don't have training or experience in social media marketing and just try to replicate what they see on the internet. You shouldn’t have to waste your time with poor social media management. Save time and money by having experts working on their behalf.

Local SEO

Virtually all business owners want their business to show up on Google. By hitting that coveted top spot for relevant keyword searches, you’re putting your business front and center to people who really need your product or service. Most business owners don’t quite realize that just having a business website doesn’t actually mean Google’s algorithms even know you exist.

Mastering local SEO is a very difficult task. This is especially so if you are in a field that is highly saturated with competitors. SEO is a big part of digital marketing, and we’re proud to offer our SEO services to our clients. We’ll also keep your Google My Business profile up to date and make sure that your website shows up on relevant keyword search pages.


Far too many business owners think that copywriters aren’t worth the hassle. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Copywriters boast the experience, knowledge, and expertise in copywriting that you simply can’t replicate without their know-how. Copywriters are also well-versed in the world of marketing as well, so the marketing materials you receive will be of very high quality and can help generate leads.

In a guide for her website, professional copywriter Susan Greene discussed by hiring a professional copywriter is so important for businesses to thrive.

Whereas your field of specialization may be real estate, financial services, high-tech or engineering, a copywriter’s is creating persuasive marketing communications,” said Greene in the guide, “You wouldn’t perform your own surgery or represent yourself in a courtroom, why would you consider writing your own copy? Copywriters are trained to learn as much as they can about various industries to make sure they write quality content. Not only will outsourcing your copywriting needs help free up your time, the copy will probably get done more quickly. A professional copywriter has the skills and experience to complete the work faster than you do. And honestly, won’t you feel relieved to have that task taken off your plate?

At Distinct, we understand how important it is to have an excellent rockstar copywriter available to take on marketing campaigns, website copy, and everything in between. That’s why our team boasts some of the best copywriters in marketing today, and we’re proud to offer their services to our clients. No need to search for a freelancer– we’ve got you covered.

AI Monitoring

More and more businesses are incorporating AI and automation into their business processes. Many are going as far as to completely digitally transform their businesses. One of the most common places to start implementing this technology is in one’s marketing department. At Distinct, our unique and advanced AI assistant can automate a wide range of marketing processes, including website monitoring, error checking, page speed, user experience, vulnerability checking, landing page analysis, and so much more. Automating these processes and tasks can increase sales and fix potential problems before they become very expensive to fix. Many marketing firms don’t offer this type of technology, and we’re proud to offer AI monitoring to our clientele.

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics dashboards can be incredibly helpful in monitoring how well a marketing campaign is doing. Unfortunately, many of the analytics tools that other marketing agencies will offer are not very user-friendly and can be difficult for business owners to access. It's hard enough to learn what types of metrics are important for your company, you shouldn’t have to worry about a dashboard learning curve!

Thankfully, this is a problem you won’t have to deal with anymore with Distinct’s unique, user-friendly, and ultra-simple analytics dashboard. Our marketing team will provide full access to your dashboard, so you can review your social media, website, and other marketing metrics with ease and with full transparency. We believe this is an excellent way to build trust with our clients and show exactly how our marketing processes are doing for your business.

Social Dashboard

Our social media marketing team will manage and monitor your social media accounts through one standalone dashboard. We’ll also give you access to that very same dashboard as well, so you can keep an eye on your social media and your analytics alike. Our team at Distinct will focus on creating a backlog of posts and categorizing them in order to set up repost schedules and gather the right metrics. Our social dashboard has all of your social media content in one location. You can enjoy some transparency into our marketing process and keep an eye on things at the same time. You'll be able to use this dashboard tool to approve the social media posts our team drafts, and you can continue to use it for scheduling anything internally as well! We want to ensure that our clients are able to take and relinquish as much control over their marketing as they’d like.

Social Discovery

At Distinct, we want to make sure that the most people possible will see your Facebook page. We also want to make sure that a big chunk of those people are in your target market and are more likely to convert. To make this marketing mission a reality, we've created a tool to help us accomplish this as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our Social Discovery tool is capable of finding your best posts and will promote them to your target audience.

We include most of our marketing services under one pricing place. But since this tool deals with paid advertisements, we will need to set up a small budget from you for this specialized service. However, you don’t have to break the bank to use it! Your budget can be as low as $1 per day or as high as you'd like. When it comes down to it, it all depends on what you’re willing to spend on advertising. We typically suggest around $3 to $5 per day for advertising small businesses, unless there is a specific strategy in place that requires more advertising spend.

Trust in the team at Distinct to take your marketing to the next level.

Now that we’ve established why marketing professionals and outsourced services are so important for virtually any business in any sector, we want to extend an invitation to try Distinct.

Distinct started out in 2013 as a simple IT support company for a local community. Now, we boast a large team of marketing professionals, specialists, copywriters, advertisers, and advisors that are passionate about taking small businesses’ marketing strategies and transforming them into something new.

At Distinct, we have a passion for supporting our local businesses and rejuvenating our local communities by helping those businesses flourish. As a marketing agency, we prioritize small businesses around the world and have made it our mission to help entrepreneurs take control of their marketing.

We’re all about flexibility, and our service model reflects that. Our model can supplement your existing marketing teams or support your entire business alone. When you’re in need of marketing professionals, the team at Distinct is there to help.

Sign up today to get in touch with our talented marketing team. We’ll break down our unique services and find your business’s marketing pain points. From there, we’ll develop a strategy with you to ensure that our partnership is as helpful and efficient as possible. We can’t wait to work with you!

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